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Best Optical Zoom Camera Smartphone To Buy in 2020

by FiveTech Team
Best Optical Zoom Camera Smartphone

To find a smartphone with possibly the best camera in the market requires investing a bulk of the money, but with OPPO you get a fair share. There are many OPPO smartphones that contain wide-angle lens, slow-motion, and depth cameras, you would find. However, the most intriguing camera feature is the optical zoom functionality. Having an optical zoom camera does not only let you find detail in far-fetched pictures but also is the best source of capturing rich, sharp pictures.  

Many extra lenses can be seen installed in terms of the best cameras in smartphones, but if your focus is optical zoom, we are on that today. In 2020, there are many technological advancements to be found in a new range of smartphones. Now, either you are in the urge of finding incredibly powerful mobiles or significantly focusing on the optical zoom camera feature. Thanks to the improved image processing system, we have now much better-quality cameras in smartphones as well. Compared to DSLRs, the smartphones with zoom camera are still a bit behind but are coming on the up-front with capable chipsets and advanced image algorithms. 

We are just getting right into the best optical zoom camera phone with good value for money. Oppo Find X2 pro is our top pick when it comes to the excellent zoom camera quality. 

Find X2 Pro 5G 

  • 120Hz WQHD+ Ultra Vision Screen 
  • Ultra-Vision Camera System 
  • 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge 

The Main Camera Setup: Triple- Camera 

Triple Camera setup

Majorly, the Oppo Find X2 features a triple-camera setup which ranks in our top favourites for optical zoom cameras as well. The rear cameras include one 48MP 1/1.4-inch with a quad-bayer sensor that is equivalent to the 25.46mm camera with f/1.7-aperture lens. The other camera can be seen as an ultra-wide camera which is parallel to the 16mm lens with 1/2-inch sensor and also PDAF focus. The 13MP tele-camera is the one that offers 10x hybrid zoom factor with f/3 aperture and optical zoom stabilization.  

The camera specs combination is pretty impressive for overall camera results. A standard wide with 5x telephoto lens and 16mm ultra-wide lens can do it all if you are an intense camera user.  

The 10x Optical Zoom Camera Excellence 

The 10x optical zoom camera is the highlight feature of this Oppo smartphone that brings excitement with solid results. From the 13MP telephoto lens you get on the rear camera side, the optical zoom factor is focused to bring pinpoint detail in even distant picture location. 

Optical Zoom Camera Excellence

This mobile stands at leading spot for the best optical zoom camera smartphones owing to its excellent accuracy when we tested it. The centre of the image is rather more crisp and you can see minor details if you click photo even from extended angles.  

The overall zoom performance of Find X2 Oppo phone is better than its rivals such as Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro. The results of Oppo X2 are even better for the long end of the zoom, so if you will take a look at the overall picture, the X2 is unbeatable. No matter how much distance you come across, the image quality around the focal stays strong in Oppo Find X2. 

Conclusion: Why Find X2 could be the better zoom camera option 

Oppo Find X2 grabs every latest feature and has packed it all in its tiny device. But the camera stays the showstopper, especially if we compare prices with the flagship luxury phones. The optical zoom camera refines the sharp image to a satisfiable clarity and overall, the picture quality seems great. You can check this Oppo 5g smartphone directly from their official UK store. Click here if you need to get the latest updates and offers on Oppo mobiles. 

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