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5 Secrets About Oppo Reno Series That Nobody Will Tell You

by FiveTech Team
5 Secrets About Oppo Reno Series

Are you looking for the latest Oppo Mobiles in UK? Well, you are not the only one as Oppo is gaining popularity across the globe, thanks to its innovative technology. These are powerful Android smartphones that come equipped with high-end hardware. But it is their affordable prices and value for money which has earned fame for the brand. 

Oppo, as a brand, offers the best mid-range phones for a wider audience. These affordable smartphones deliver balancing features at reasonable prices with the best camera system. The same can be said about the Oppo Reno series which is a relatively new smartphone line by the brand. 

The Reno series provides the best value for money with features that you will not find in most modern phones. Surprisingly, not many users know that they can get their hands on these features at such low prices. And today, we are going to disclose 5 such secrets about the Reno Series phones. 

i) In-Display Fingerprint Sensor 

Oppo is leading the smartphone market in this era of innovation and speed. The very first secret about the Reno series phones that you must know is these Android smartphones offer an in-display fingerprint sensor. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? 

The company has managed to embed the fingerprint sensor beneath the smartphone’s display. This not only offers a unique user experience but also has created an opportunity for better specs. The inclusion of the in-display sensor means there is more room for larger batteries and internal specs like 5G antennas. 

ii) Shark Fin Camera 

Shark Fin Camera Smartphones have altered the way we used to take photographs and the front-camera system has completely transformed the process. Today, we cannot imagine a smartphone without a great front camera for photography. Oppo went one step ahead to deliver a better photography experience and introduced the pivot vertical camera. 

The rising “shark fin” camera allows the user to capture images and seize the moments in HD quality. You can take selfies with rich colors and shoot videos with details in 1080p resolution at 30fps. 

iii) Powerful AI-based Camera 

Powerful AI-based Camera You are probably familiar with the term AI (Artificial Intelligence), but do you know the Reno series phones come with AI-based cameras? Oppo has equipped these Android smartphones with AI technology to help you take better photos. AI-based camera systems let you capture lively selfies with rich colors in broad daylight as well as at night. 

The front camera works with the natural AI beautification that you can use by clicking the “AI Beauty Mode.” It helps you take better selfies and portraits even with strong backlighting. So, you can make portraits with bokeh-blown backgrounds like a pro. 

iv) Ultra-Night Mode 

Oppo Reno series consists of Android smartphones with premium hardware and extraordinary software. But it is the ultra-night technology which makes them stand out among other flagship phones. The Chinese smartphone brand has taken mobile photography to the next level with the inclusion of the Sony IMX 586 image sensor. Ultra-Night Mode 

The HDR and MFNR software together with the Oppo algorithms amplify the camera setup in these mobile phones. As a result, ultra-night technology lets you capture images in the dark. The feature empowers the camera system to recognize the subject in the dark and the background. 

v) Large Battery 

Large Battery A large battery has become a great selling point for today’s smartphones. Oppo Reno series scores well on this ground as these smartphones feature 4000-5000mAh batteries. What is more amazing is that Reno series mobile phones support fast charging. This simply means that your phone battery will top-up within an hour. 

So, you do not have to face battery anxiety issues or need to wait for hours to charge your smartphone. You can plug-in the charger, do a few chores, and can unplug your phone to indulge yourself in mobile gaming or movie streaming. 

Takeaway Words 

Oppo Reno series is the affordable line of Android smartphones in UK. These are future-ready mobiles phones that come in ultra-slim designs and alluring colors. We hope that you have found these secrets about the Oppo Reno series intriguing and enthralling. 

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