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5 things to know About OPPO Find X2 Pro

by FiveTech Team

Oppo has a lot to offer when it comes to the mobile phones range produced by it. While many Oppo smartphone are impressing the viewers with their looks and style, there are many which stuns with their power. The Oppo Find X2 Pro might be the one on which you could count for both reasons.

If, in any way, you haven’t heard about Oppo Find series, these Oppo smartphones are dedicatedly built for premium audience. From their style enigma, to the inclusion of latest specs and versatile features, these mobiles can strike a bulk of audience. Now, the Oppo Find X2 Pro stars its performance with 5G connectivity, Ultra Visionary OLED screen and Snapdragon processor.

Here are the five essential factors you need to know about Oppo Find X2 Pro in case you are considering purchasing this beast.

1- Ultra-Vision 120 Hz Screen

Ever heard the display of a smartphone is the most compelling factor of it? Well, the Oppo Find X2 Pro makes this fact clear with its 6.7-inch AMOLED screen. It comes with a 120 Hz refresh-rate that is brilliant for graphics and the renewal of visuals on the screen. With its Ultra-Vision technology, the screen is able to deliver the best quality graphics in brightest and lowlight conditions.

This mobile phone covers 513 pixels per inch which means you are going to get a screen Resolution of 3168×1440. This means the characters you view on the screen will have no blurred edges or smudged corners while being perfectly pixelized. The contrast ratio remains to be the 5000000:1, which is pretty common in the Oppo screens. The best factor about this screen is the colour variation with Color OS that exhibits millions of colours with several graphics.

2- 65 W Charging in 30 Minutes

Everybody loves their phones when they don’t cause any inconsistent battery timing. As mobile phones are supposed to be in your pocket or bag all day long, it’s important to have a real-good battery. With Oppo Find X2 Pro, one other thing you will be sure about is its excellent battery capacity and fast charging. The 65 W charging allows you to charge the Find X2 Pro in just 30 to 38 minutes up to 100%. Plus, you can expect your phone to run all day long, even till midnight depending on your usage.

3-Premium Design

The Metal and Gorilla glass combinatory design makes the Find X2 Pro a solidly designed mobile with a punch-hole design. The surface is high-glass gloss reflective which makes this phone look shiny from the outside. The colour of the phone is classic black with a touch of textured metal surface with a glassy vibe. You get to experience a premium vibe while holding the phone in your hands and carrying it in your pocket. It might seem like slippering into your pocket, but it grips firmly into your hands.

About the ports, the charging slot you’ll come across is the Type C USB charging port, which is way better for faster charging. There is an SD card option, audio jack and volume buttons added in the build, along with the SIM slot.

Additionally, the Gorilla Glass 6 protection on the front-screen is ideal for screen safety, while on the back the glass is protectable with Gorilla 5. Interestingly, there is no top-notch added on the front, but you can see a punch-hole design with the camera.

4-Spectacular Camera Quality

The camera setup you can find in the Find X2 Pro is the Triple camera adjustment which comes with interesting camera specifications. The primary camera is 48 MP lens which is oriented to capture more automatically focused pictures itself. You can capture detailed pictures with sharper touch and right precision. But sometimes you could feel the extra touch of artificial camera inside it.

The other two cameras include a 12MP Ultra-wide-angle camera and a 13 MP telephoto lens camera. If we talk about ultra-wide camera, it comes with f/2.2 aperture and ultra-night mode so you can capture photos in dark reluctantly. The ultra-wide camera means you can capture far-fetched photos without having to fix and go beyond for angles.

The telephoto 13 MP lens is a good sport for seizing zoom angle photos and in-depth pictures. This camera comes with 6P lens and f/2.4 aperture with the 5x hybrid zoom option. As for the digital zoom, you can go up to 20x without any second thought.

5- 5G Connectivity

Oppo Find X2 Pro also supports 5G connectivity which means your device is going to catch up several connections faster. The SnapDragon Processor, 65W charging, 120 Hz screen, 12GB RAM and Android 10 means you’re getting a powerful combination. The 5G support ensures your signals and multiple frequencies get matched rapidly and your phone will not have any slowed down connections.

To Buy or Not?

 Oppo Find X2 Pro is quite a potent mobile phone that Oppo has introduced in its Find Series. Apart from featuring a massive 12GB RAM and Snapdragon 865, you get a striking combination of other features. This one is a powerful flagship phone that doesn’t wait for any disappointments or additional lags.

Bottom Line

 If you have made your mind to purchase this beast device, the Oppo Find X2 Pro is easily available at Oppo UK Store. This official UK store has everything you need as a newbie or even an old buyer. You can get exclusive student discounts and 0% installment offers up to 24 months.

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