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Best laptops for Zwift available on Fivetech

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Yes, the future is here. Zwift is a multiplayer interactive cycling and running physical training program. Train or compete with people around the world with interactive interface. You do not need a super special fancy gaming computer to do so. Fivetech has a wide variety of laptops which will be suitable for your Zwift needs. 

ASUS Zenbook 13 

First up is the ASUS Zenbook 13. It is powered by core i7 with 1.30GHz processor, to give you the power to perform your tasks and enjoy the gaming. IT has memory of 16GB RAM. Plus, the storage space of 1 TB SSD gives you the freedom to store and enjoy the games of your likings. This gaming laptop is quite suitable for Zwift and let us see why. 


First get the main thing out of the way. It has a wide 13.3 ich LCD, for you to enjoy those cycling sessions on Zwift. Get the 4K Ultra HD display to enjoy the best gaming experience you always wanted. The integrated on-board graphics on Zenbook can support Zwift sessions perfectly. 


What do you need from a laptop the most? Yes, that’s right, you need a long battery life. With ASUS ZenBook 13 you don’t need to worry about the battery at all. No need to keep the charger with you wherever you go. This super machine will give you 22 hours battery time on a single charge. Enjoy the best cycling or running sessions on Zwift smoothly as ever. Its fast charger can lift-up your battery from 0 percent to 60 percent in just 49 mins. Enjoy the carefree life now with this majestic laptop. 

Reliability and Durability

Never fear the laptop getting broke now with this super strong and stylish machine. It is tested for super durability. The strong body gives you the safe feel, wherever you take your laptop. Travel carefree now with ASUS Zenbook. It has been tested for harsh conditions so you can get the best out of it. It has gone through pressure tests, drop tests and temperature tests to give you the final product of your dreams. 


Let’s get the key specs out of the way first. This gaming laptop is powered by Intel core i5 and a processor of 2.40 GHz. ACER Aspire 7 A715 gives you 8 GB RAM with storage space of 512 GB SSD. The super trendy look in black colour gives it a solid appearance, and makes it stylish as well. The backlit keyboard lights give it the aura-friendly colourful look for your cycling sessions.  

Geforce GTX 1050

With NVIDIA Geforce enjoy the best-in-game graphics for your gaming needs. The best graphics for your gaming need are now at your service. Live the best gaming experience while jogging on the road or cycling with people around the world in a Zwift session. Enjoy the nice cloudy atmosphere with crisp and clear detailing.  


ACER Aspire is not only stylish and easy on the eyes but also is strong and durable. The black metal body gives you the sense of security, while travelling with this majestic machine. The backlit keyboard gives it a stylish cool look.  


Dell gives you the sweet gaming laptop Dell G7. Powered by intel core i7 and 2.20 GHz processor, Dell G7 makes a perfect fit for your gaming needs. Enjoy the powerful 8 GB RAM with the storage space of 1TB + 256 GB SSD. Store and play your favourite games on this gaming laptop without any worry. 


Enjoy the Zwift sessions on the big widescreen 15.6-inch display screen. 1920x 1080 resolution gives you the sweet graphics, while you are indulged in your gaming session. Get the crystal-clear image quality and perfect detailing.  

NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2060 gives you the smoothest graphics display. It does not get any better than killer graphics, while you are interacting with people in a cycling session, and all of it inside your own living room. Never miss a single detail in your game with the sweet display of DELL G7. Enjoy the gaming like it was meant to be with this gaming laptop. 


Dell gives you it’s trademark simple yet bold look in G7. The black colour gives it a decent and corporate look. Plus, the backlit keyboard adds an extra edge to the beauty of this beast machine. It not only is easy on the eyes but also strong and durable. It can endure pressure and temperature changes. Feel safe while travelling with Dell G7. 

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The major issue of gaming freaks is the frequent heating up of the laptop. It won’t make you feel nice at all, if you are cycling and your laptop crashes. Dell G7 gives your laptop the best cooling effect with state of the are cooling fans so you never have to worry about your game crashing. 


Even though Zwift does not require super specifications, but still, you need a decent laptop to enjoy your gaming session. Your shopping tech guru Fivetech brings to you the best gaming laptops you could ask for. Choose from a gigantic variety of gaming laptops at fivetech.co.uk and get your laptop for Zwift now. 

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