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Review: iiyama G-MASTER 23.8 FHD IPS Gaming Monitor Built-in Speaker

by FiveTech Team
Review Iiyama G-MASTER FHD IPS Gaming Monitor Built-in Speaker

Gaming is a majestic blend of technology, sports, and entertainment. It offers players to form a community around their favourite games and then indulge them with challenges. And to relish AAA titles, you need the latest tech gadgets starting with a high-end PC and gaming monitor. However, these gizmos can be costly depending on their features and add-ons, especially when it comes to gaming monitors. However, that is not the case with iiyama monitors.

Although iiyama is not a major player, its displays are worth considering for competitive gaming. These budget-friendly monitors offer the same visual quality with some really cool features. Today, we are going to review the iiyama G- Master, an IPS gaming monitor.

Our iiyama G- Master review includes the design and built evaluation as well as its display quality. The best part about this 24-inch FHD gaming monitor is its built-in speaker. Let us find whether this cheap gaming monitor is worth buying.

iiyama G-MASTER Specs Review

Display: 23.8 inches Full HD (1920 x 1080)

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Panel Type: IPS

Refresh Rate: 165Hz

Response Time: 0.8ms

Brightness: 250 nits

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Design & Built

Like other iiyama monitors, this 24-inch display comes without any frills. It has a basic design that meets the basic requirements, support and a solid foundation. The iiyama G-Master stands proudly on a triangular shape base, which offers a firm anchorage. Behind the stand, there is a cable collector that will keep your desk clutter-free.

The design of this budget gaming monitor is very basic and lacks height adjustment. However, we were not having high hopes about its design during iiyama G-Master review either. This is a budget gaming monitor, and the main gain is the display performance rather than design luxuries. It does offer title though, which offers some room for angle adjustment while you are gaming.

Display Quality

During our iiyama G-Master review, we were pleased with its performance. This is a brilliant display for gaming that comes packed inside a thin bezel frame. The G-Master Red Eagle monitor has everything that you need for competitive gameplay. Its reliable colour representation, low input lag, and faster refresh rate are some of the most sought-after features.

The iiyama G-Master is a Full HD gaming monitor that comes with IPS technology. So, you can view the screen from all angles without any flickering. The 24-inch screen offers 250 nits of brightness with a low input lag. You get to enjoy visuals with a 165hz refresh rate and less than 1ms response time (0.8ms). With a 1000:1 contrast ratio, and some very useful add-ons and connectivity options.

The FreeSync technology, HDR support, and Black Tuner features make it a great choice for 1080p gaming. We really enjoyed the dark shades adjustment feature during our iiyama G-Master review. The DisplayPort, VGA, two USB 2.0 ports, and an HDMI output connection further makes things easy for gameplay. You can connect a PC, laptop, or console to relish modern games at Full HD resolution.

Final Verdict

We hope you have enjoyed reading our iiyama G-Master review. It is arguably one of the best iiyama monitors for gaming on a budget. A low input lag, faster refresh rate, and FreeSync technology give it an edge over competitors. If you are a gamer with little cash in hand, the iiyama G-Master is the right pick for you.

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