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What are the countries using 7G & 8G network?

by FiveTech Team
What are the countries using 7G & 8G network

Talking about 7G or 8G network may seem unreal because what we are more focused on these days is 5G. More like many of the countries have just started to adapt 5G technology lately, very few of them are already emerging into 6G,7G and 8G. Since January 2020, many of you must have seen some of the countries introducing 5G and already started implementing it. But now, there are possible chances you can view 7G and 8G as an upcoming technology into the digital era. 

Having a 7G or 8G network means you will have 10000 times faster speed than what you have now. There are some countries that have this advanced speed, but they have not yet named it to any particular network. Although, a 7G or 8G is significantly higher than 4G or 5G, we cannot claim it to be executed anytime soon. 

We are going to display some of the countries that have the best internet speeds in most of their cities, later in the article. While some of the countries are still on 3G, most of them are on 4G and now 5G has begun to get common. 

More than fascinating about the speed of 7G and 8G network, it is important to know that there are some countries taking full advantage of that.  

What is 7G and 8G Network about? 

The evolvement of 5G is already being managed in several countries where the process of establishing it is becoming common. So, getting to discuss 7G or 8G has to be more of a different routine. The mobile generation and Internet speed are two different things, so if the internet speed is higher, we cannot label it to be 7G or 8G. 

If we take an example of the speed, let’s say some of the countries who are still providing 3G services. But if we compare the speeds, these 3G countries are providing a better speed than 4G network in other countries. Because of this, we cannot still say that the network generation is higher for those who have a superior speed.  Country like Norway is now 69 percent improvised in the terms of Internet speed. It has one of the fastest Internet Worldwide, but we cannot still label it to be 7G or 8G. This is because we can have significantly higher speeds from the same network depending on the area.  

Similarly, NASA has 91Mbps internet speed, but we still cannot tag it for any network. We can just say it has more speed than any other network however, the network comes from generation and not speed. So, in conclusion, we don’t really have 7G and 8G networks introduced till yet Worldwide. Generally, what countries have implemented lately is 5G at most.  

Fastest Speed Internet Countries 

The race of having a better internet speed is getting more heated as 5G has entered the globe. But if you think about which country lies at the top spot when it comes to the best Internet speed, are you sure of the answer? 

Norway is one of the first countries that deliver the speediest Internet in the whole wide world. While the second largest is Netherlands and thirdly ranked is Hungary. But South Korea has made it to leading position with its latest most effective and incredibly faster 5G technology. All of these countries are still not regarded as providing the 7G or 8G Network speed. 

Well, we have lined up the top countries which are providing the best Internet in today’s time.  

  1. Norway 
  2. South Korea  
  3. Netherlands 
  4. Hungary 
  5. Hong Kong 
  6. Japan 
  7.  Switzerland 
  8. Finland 
  9. Singapore 
  10. Denmark 

These countries come at the prominent position for providing the best 5G speeds while 6G is still the proposed network. So, we cannot exactly label them to be producing 7G or 8G network speeds.  

Bottom Line 

The best 7G and 8G network isn’t introduced or established but we can say we have some of the countries with the desired speed intensity. If you ever ponder upon the best 5G android smartphones, you can have a look on the best OPPO 5g smartphones at the official store in UK.  

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