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Can I install Chrome OS on my Windows 10 laptop?

by FiveTech Team

There’s a difference between Windows enabled laptops and Chromebooks. Chromebooks come with Chrome OS, which is a closed source OS that is only available for proper Chromebooks. However, you cannot just download and install Chrome OS on your laptop while you’ve got Windows or Linux on it. 

One way of doing it is that you can use the Chrome OS that has been uploaded on the cloud by a company named Neverware. Neverware builds CloudReady software that can be called as a sleek version of Chrome OS. It can easily convert your x86 laptop or processor into an identical Chromebook. 

All you need to do is to get a USB bootable ready and then attach this thumb drive to your system to proceed. However, there are some tweaks that you should be worried about. First of all, there isn’t any Google Play Store or Android applications support. In addition, you don’t get the latest Chrome OS version since the CloudReady is at least one version behind the original Chrome OS. 

Apart from that, you’ll probably be needing to install some proprietary components from the settings so that’s a hassle. You also don’t get the full coloured Chrome logo. The one you will get will be Blue Chromium logo.  

However, the catch here is that none of the above factors will be disturbing the way you use the laptop. It will still provide the same standard of workability as from a Chromebook. Your Chrome extensions will work just fine and applications will run seamlessly too. Moreover, you still get the same kind of secureness and performance as in a real Chromebook.  

Opting for a Chrome OS should be chosen only when your laptop is being slow and isn’t getting any updates. FiveTech

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