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A Complete Guide of response time and refresh rate for gaming monitor

by FiveTech Team
response time and refresh rate for gaming monitor

Gaming requires a precise set of hardware and configuration for a smooth experience. A little change in the specs can spoil both the game and mood. That is why pro gamers emphasize choosing the right components for fast-paced gaming. You must invest in high-end devices if you truly want to savour video gaming. For PC gaming, quality monitors are as essential as desktop PCs.

For crispy visuals, you need to pick a display from the best gaming monitors. You need a screen that is bright, can deliver vivid images with a higher refresh rate. Besides the refresh rate, another key feature that you need to pay attention to the response time.

In case you do not know what are refresh rates or response time, this article is for you. We have covered the basic definitions of these two key features. After reading this blog post, you will know what type of gaming monitor is suitable for you.

What is Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a gaming monitor is the representation that defines how many times your screen refreshes every second. It is measured in hertz and is denoted by Hz. The most common refresh rate is 60Hz, which is good for entry-level gaming. For fast-paced competitive gaming, a 120Hz refresh rate is considered good.

When it comes to the refresh rate, the higher the value the better will be the visuals. However, a 75Hz gaming monitor is a good choice for mid-range gamers. If you are looking for the sweet spot, put your money on 144Hz gaming monitors.

What is Response Time

This is another key factor that defines your gameplay and can make or break your performance. Response time is the measurement of time in which a pixel transit from one colour to another and then the next. This transition usually happens in less than a second. Therefore, the response time is measured in milli-seconds and the value is represented with “ms.”

The transitions of pixels from one colour to another and then back again is also described as Grey-to-Grey (G2G). Although G2G is often used as a baseline metric, it is not a universal measurement method.

Generally, less than 5ms response time is thought to be good for gaming. The lesser the value of response time, the better will be the display. The best gaming monitors offer less than 1ms response time.

Refresh Rate vs. Response Time

Both refry rate and response time are key performance metrics for gaming monitors. However, these two different attributes are connected by MPRT or Moving Picture Response Time.

The MPRT represents how long you will see a pixel on your display. Normally, the lower MPRT is considered good for competitive gaming. A higher value means you may experience screen ghosting or must bear detrimental visual results.

The Bottom Line

The refresh rate represents the number of times the image is redrawn on your display. Whereas the response time value describes how quickly pixels of your screen move across the colour spectrum. A lower response time and higher refresh rate value is good for gaming. So, you must look for a response time less than 1ms and a refresh rate higher than 60Hz.

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