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What is Google Family Link?

by Saif
Google Family Link

If you have kids, you’re probably concerned about what they do on their smartphones. Please don’t misunderstand us. You want kids to experiment, learn, and want to be Elon Musk, but there are several things they shouldn’t do on a tablet or phone that is linked to the internet. 

So, what should you do if your youngster requests an Android device? You can either say no straight away or use Family Link, a Google program that provides a variety of parental controls. 

This is how it goes. 

What is the google family link? 

Google Family Link allows parents to control their children’s gadgets to varying degrees throughout a family group. It enables you to set up and administer a Google account for your child. This account functions similarly to an adult account, with the exception that the account’s Google access is limited. After that, you may use Family Link to monitor a child’s device remotely, including setting screentime limits, device location, and installation permissions. 

What parental control does it offer? 

You can block or approve apps for installation in your child’s android phone with the help of the Family link.  You can fix a screen time and can also monitor their activity. Monthly and even weekly reports are also available at the family link. You can check the amount of time your child spends on each app. The features are as follows: 

  • It helps you manage control of Google services. 
  • Manage the apps used by your child. 
  • You can approve the installation of the apps from the google play store.  
  • You can block the installation of the apps from the google play store. 
  • Set limits for screen time on your child’s mobile phone.  
  • For individual apps, you can set a time limit daily. 
  • Device bedtime can also be set. 
  • You can lock your child’s device remotely.  
  • The device location of your child can also be monitored. 
  • If you want to locate your child’s device, you can play a song on it.   

What is the requirement for a google family link? 

You need to do the following tasks to use the google family link.  

  • The devices should be compatible with the Family link app. This app is compatible with all the Android 7 plus devices. It is compatible with some android 5 and 6 phones as well.  
  • Your child should have a google account that is managed by the family link. 
  • You should have a google account. 

How to set up a Google Family link? 

You must first download the Family Link app to your mobile device, after which you must establish a Google Account for your child either through the app, through a browser at families.google.com, or by using an existing child account. On families.google.com, you can create a family of up to six people. You’ll be able to specify who is a parent, and they’ll have supervisory rights through Family Link as well. 


After you’ve set up your family, open Family Link on your device and follow the instructions to set up Family Link to control your children’s devices. You’ll be requested to download the app for kids and teens on their phones as well; make sure you have the correct version on each phone.  

You’ll be able to alter the controls you want from the parent app and have them mirrored on the child’s app after the applications are loaded and linked. 

Tips and tricks for Google Family Link 

Extend allowance for screen time: 

It’s simple to add more time. Simply go to the part that shows the device time limits, and you can extend that period once the device is locked. You can also turn it off, but you risk forgetting to re-install it. 

What’s the deal with the location not working? 

A device’s location can be tracked using Family Link. However, because this is dependent on data, if a phone runs out of data, you cannot access the location. If a phone has no connectivity – for example, if it is underground – it will simply return “location not found.” Check network data: if it has been used up, purchasing a top-up will most likely get the phone running again. It also works over Wi-Fi, so if the child’s gadget connects to one, it will show up on the map again. 

Locate a lost phone: 

You may utilize Family Link to track down a lost device. While the location feature is useful for determining where a device is when it leaves the house, Family Link can also be used to play music on an android phone to help you locate it. 

Bottom line: 

Google Family Link has a little more capability than we expected. With the things it does have, Google has done an excellent job. This way you will ensure that your child uses the phone just for entertainment and learning. Finally, because there is no support for an iOS child device and the feature set is still limited, we believe it is best for parents of grown-ups who wish to limit device usage and app access. 

OPPO online stores have all the phones which are compatible with Google Family Link. Buy them and set parental control on your child’s device. 

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