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ASUS Phones comparison with OPPO Phones which is Better

by Saif
Asus phone comparision with oppo Phones which is better

ASUS Mobile Phone 

Asus had established a reputation in the computer sector before they extended their business to the mobile phone industry. Therefore, they already possessed most of the technology necessary to proceed. Two primary series of the brand are; 

  • Zenfone 
  • ROG Phone 

The “Zenfone” 4, 5, and 6 were the first mobile phones launched by the company. These were the first few ASUS phones equipped with Intel motherboards, however, they faced some challenges in the industry in terms of market reach and diversity. Other than these challenges, it was considered a fair choice because of multiple specifications and reasonable pricing. The Zenfone 2 category, which includes the Zenfone 2 laser, is an enhancement over the first range. The laser series is generally low-priced and targeted at consumers with reduced purchasing power. These mobile phones had a better outcome in the industry.  

Pros and Cons of ASUS phones 

Like all other brands, ASUS phones have a mix of positives and negatives. However, it doesn’t mean that the brand’s mobile phones are not reliable. It just indicates that the consumer should make his/her buying decision after ensuring that the features of the phone are in-line with their consumption pattern. Some of the most significant points are explained below; 


ASUS phones are highly durable with consumers reporting minimum to negligible complaints even after constant usage of 2-3 years. The tangible characteristics of the phone are designed in a way that the mobile phone gets minimum damage in cases of slipping or dropping. For instance, the phones are easier to hold, have stronger grips and are usually bulky. Simultaneously, the mobile phones are equipped with Intel microchips and Octacore processors, which prevents them from down speeding and other software issues.  

Battery Timing 

Some of the earlier launched ASUS phones were criticized for their poor battery timing. Some of the customers complained that their battery lasted for 2-3 hours only after recharging it for 5-6 hours. To combat this challenge, ASUS launched its latest mobile phone models such as; ROG Phone 5 and Zenfone Max. The ROG Phone 5 is a gaming-oriented device with a 6000mAh capacity (two 3000mAh batteries combined). When tested, the phone showed the highest battery timing ever recorded in any phone or brand. Moreover, ASUS also has a battery replacement program through which any customer who has complaints regarding their battery performance can get an exchange from the firm.  


The price range of Asus mobile phones goes from £479.99 to £1199.99. There are also Interest-Free Investment Options available for the consumers with an easy instalment plan of 24 months.  

OPPO Mobile Phone 

Over forty countries have adopted the brand name “OPPO,” which was first trademarked in China in 2001 and launched in 2004. OPPO essentially overtook Huawei as the largest smartphone manufacturer in China in June 2016. OPPO earned the title of leading mobile manufacturer in China in 2019 and was ranked No. 5 globally in terms of the industry share. With a customer base of 15.2%, OPPO has succeeded to overtake other major companies including Samsung, Xiaomi and Lenovo. The three major series of OPPO phones are;  

  • X Series 
  • Reno Series 
  • A Series  

Pros and Cons of OPPO phones 

OPPO is known for its innovative features, sleek designs and vast product portfolio. There are different mobile phones available with different characteristics, aimed at targeting different population groups. Some of the top features that you must evaluate before purchasing an OPPO phone are stated below. 

Mind Blowing Camera 

If you are someone who loves to take a lot of selfies or who likes to capture and post little moments, OPPO phones are for you! Almost every smartphone of the brand comes with the highest quality camera which is worth spending every penny. The cameras also provide a lot of features such as AI beautification, AI- screen recognition, lighting adjustments, and camera settings. Thus, OPPO mobile phones are the top choice for beauty fanatics.  

Fascinating Appearances 

OPPO phones are highly known for their beautiful aesthetics and eye-catching displays. It is one of the top-selling points of the brand. The display quality is top-notch, which instantly attracts young consumers. The structure is also mostly sleek, and the mobile phones are very lightweight which makes them ideal for longer consumption periods. The design of the display instantly makes you feel refreshed and happy.  

Battery Timing 

OPPO Reno Series is especially known for its amazing battery timing. The mobile phones come with amazing batteries ranging up to 5000mAh. The latest VOOC Supercharging feature of OPPO is also a very innovative feature. Instead of relying on higher voltages to achieve supercharging, this technology uses higher amperage, which makes it extra efficient. For almost every OPPO phone, once you charge the battery up to 100%, it can easily last for a full day.  

Bottom Line 

Both OPPO and ASUS have their strengths and drawbacks. Some comparative features of both brands are; 

  • OPPO has a more diverse product portfolio with different mobile phones being added to their series at all times. The portfolio of ASUS is quite restrained and only a limited number of devices are launched each year.  
  • OPPO phone pricing started from as low as 99 pounds, however, ASUS’s pricing starts from at least 400 pounds.  
  • The ASUS phones are more durable and can easily be used for longer periods with negligible complaints. However, OPPO phones may need an upgrade after some time. 

Conclusively, If someone wants to purchase a smartphone which is more durable than modern and is more optimal from a processing point of view, then ASUS is a better choice. It is ideal for people who have to make long phone calls or use their smartphones more professionally. On the other hand, if someone wants to have an innovative smartphone, that has a lot of features, and is equipped with a modern design and top-quality camera then OPPO is the more feasible choice. The ideal population for OPPO mobile phones is students, young consumers, and all fashionistas who like to slay in style.  

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