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How to make money from your smartphone

by Saif
How to make money from your smartphone

Making money in a jiffy seems impossible and that too from the comfort of the palm of your hand. Using smartphones for exciting purposes is common. Whether you need to swipe over various social media or apps just for fun, a mobile phone comes in handy. But to make money through it is what could be a ‘Dream come true’ for many people. 

Yes, smartphones can earn you heaps of cash and valid money. The most you need to do is find the right platform such as a money app. On the other hand, you can use a way out for getting your money restored through the usage of smartphones. 

Making money through smartphones is not difficult if you focus on the right way. We have listed down plenty of methods and ways that you can use to earn money online with 5g phones. 

Meaningful Apps that can create money for you 

 1. Inbox Dollars 

Have you ever been fond of watching videos or viewing through mails? Well, what if you could make money straight out of it. The Inbox dollars apps pays you for watching multiple videos, taking surveys, and checking the mails. It works in a way that you get points doing that and you can earn on everyday basis. Plus, it also gets you 5 dollars extra just on joining. 

 2. Swagbucks 

One of the most popular apps known for making money online is Swagbucks. Using this app, you can just surf online, play games, watch videos, check through mails and a lot more. It allows you to earn cash online via whatever casual activity it offers you to perform. You can collect points in the form of ‘Sb’ which then turns into a cash and money claim. You can also get gift cards from online e-shopping stores including Amazon, eBay etc.  

 3. Mechanical Turks 

Talking about gift cards, the best app to get free gift cards has to be the mechanical Turks. It majorly asks you to perform two kinds of activities including entering data from the image and taking surveys. You can just fill in the online surveys and get rewards depending on your activity. No matter which company gift card you need, this app has a vast list of options available.  

 4. MyPoints 

Another application that works similarly like Swagbucks is the ‘My Points’ app. It gathers points which are converted into the money as per your activity. However, there may be difference between this app and the old one. While you earn 1000 points in Mypoints for performing same activities, it can be half in the Swagbucks. This app also offers multiple rewards like the Swagbucks application., however it can gain you more points throughout the day.  

 5. Survey Junkie 

If you have always liked filling the surveys, then this app is going to be your favourite. With its survey filling, you can earn points and then gift cards. It mostly returns gift cards as awards. You can take the entire day by filling out surveys and then get as many gift cards as you need.  

 6. Mindswarms 

Just with the help of a valuable survey, you can earn a lot of hard-earned cash that you will cherish. Well, the Mindswarms app help you earn the cash online through which you can avail gift cards or receive PayPal cash. It is basically a video-based platform that will pay you 50 dollars cash via PayPal. You can test a product, review it and record an entire video on it. Just provide your recorded video of a reviewed product to this platform and earn money online.  

 7. Paribus 

If you are an Amazon user, this app shall prove to be quite useful for money making. You just need to link your email address or Amazon account with the Paribus app. It can be greatly useful for the online shopping experience and receiving major discounts while you are shopping. Whenever the price lowers down, you will automatically get a price refund. On more than 30 stores, you can easily receive cashback while you make an online purchase. 

 8. Slidejoy (Only Available for Android Users) 

Do you know you can get paid even if you just unlock your phone? With the Slidejoy app, you can do it as the displayed ad or video on your screen helps you earn online. This works in a way that you can view ads and the ad will get you the money. So, just with even 10 to 15 minutes of watching ads can earn you some bucks. 

Sell Online Using Apps or Run a business 

 1. PoshMark 

The remarkably known app that can sell your clothes online can be a solid method to earn. Primarily, it works like a retail store that lets you buy and sell clothes as per your requirement or convenience. When you want to sell any time, you can just take it picture and post on your account. This way you can list multiple number of images of products that you may need to sell. There are a lot of interested buyers who need to get clothes in a lowered price. So, it’s a win-win situation and a brilliant way of earning money. 

 2. Shopify 

This one is an e-commerce store that can run an entire business for you. It has plenty of features like the stock items, customers details and everything that you need to check if you start a business. Instead of manually selling things online, you can set up a complete store of products. Then set all the products online and overview Shopify just with the palm of your hand. The Shopify app can open on your mobile and you can then check all the details of your products and customers.  

 3. Craigslist 

If you have some items in your wardrobe that are not needed anymore, you can install the Craigslist app. It does the job of a seller or a buyer that can do wonders for you when you need to sell a huge amount of product items. The best factor about this app is that you can sell stuff online without the middle commissions or any extra shipping fees. Plus, there is an option of selling bulkier items as well such as furniture.  

Apps that make you travel and earn online 

 1. Uber 

There are apps that let you travel locally all around and just with their usage; you can earn tons of money. Uber is one such app that works like it and you can enjoy side hustling too. Basically, it allows to be a rider through which you can ride any of the app’s given customers and drop them off with good paid money. Uber is one of the biggest sources of income for a lot of people. If you do not have any specific fields and want to indulge into non-technical earning, Uber is safe driving app that lets you earn. 

Important Note: Be Cautious of Spam Apps 

Besides all of the apps that can make you earn cash or money online, there are those with massive spams. You can do a lot for them and perform their demanding activities, but they don’t actually pay you. You need to beware fully of these apps that are spam or may be wrongly promoted. It is highly essential as you might be wasting your time and might be unable to receive anything at last. 


The latest technology embedded in the smartphone have accelerated their importance to whole another level. While you are always busy in doing fun activities, casually surfing, or experiencing entertainment, you could be earning money with the same fun. A lot of mobile tech users are never sure whether devices like smartphones can get them some real-time money. But what we are not aware of is that a lot of platforms now offer great opportunities.  

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