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Latest Mobile Phone App Development Technologies for Startups

by FiveTech Team

We all use mobile phones daily for different purposes. But no matter what we are trying to do on a smartphone the one thing we interact with is an app. There are number of apps which can be downloaded to your smartphones whether Android or iOS. These apps are used for different purposes and the more advanced mobile hones are getting the more apps are being developed. 

Now days you can find an app for almost anything. You can find an app for shopping, health & fitness monitoring, editing, gaming, food, mobile phone maintenance, security, and much more. But these apps require a lot of hard work to be developed, so you can make your lives easier or take your business to the new heights. You can find many different app development technologies to develop a good app for startups. If you are thinking about which app development technology will be good for your startup then you have come to the right place. We are going to be sharing with you guys our top picks for the best app development technologies. So, stick around and find out.  

Latest Mobile Phone App Development Technologies for Startups


Python is the first app development technology which was used for developing apps. It is the most used and popular development technology which is used by all the major developers. It is simple and easy to understand. The good thing about it is that if someone has basic programming knowledge, they can develop mobile apps on Python. Mostly websites or apps which you see and use, are developed on this technology, which include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and many other. Python is used to make a web application which is filled with many features and is scalable. It can provide many features like GUI programming, several libraries, frameworks. This program is highly dynamic and open source.  


Next up on the list is Java which is pretty common language of programming, and it is object-oriented. It is extremely reliable and easy to handle which makes it simple for developers to create any app on it. The great thing about it is that if one program runs on one system using Java script, it will also work just fine on another system which runs Java. This thing proves to be really beneficial for the programmers because they don’t need to compile the same codes again and again. It is simple and works with a lot of software which makes this language the first preference of many app developers. Open-source library, community support, and excellent documentation are offered by Java. VLC media player is a prime example of apps which are developed with this technology. 


Kotlin is a mobile app technology which is highly developed, and it offers large tool support features for Android app building. It is largely used by the developers because it is safe and clear. It is a statistically typed and general-purpose programming language, which is mostly considered for cross-platform app development. Coursera, Evernote, and Trello are some of the examples of applications made from this language.  


Next is Flutter which is an open-source program of mobile app software development kit and was introduced by Google. This is used by developers to make cross-platform applications. This is really handy because thanks to Flutter, you can develop apps which are able to run on both Android and iOS operating systems. It offers a great feature which is fast reload capacity so you can get things done without having to wait for too long. Full customization option for flexible design and different widgets are also offered for your maximum convenience. Xianyu by Alibaba and Google Ads, both are developed using Flutter.  

 React Native 

React Native is yet another open-source framework and it was developed by Facebook. It is a cross platform application which means developers can develop apps on this program that can run on iOS, Web, Android, and UWP. The apps developed by React Native can run on different platforms but have native-like capabilities. It is the quite popular language, and most developers seek to get into React Native atmosphere whenever they get a chance. UberEATS, Airbnb, and Facebook are made with this language as their base.  


Swift is a general-purpose language, and it was developed by Apple Inc. But majorly this app is only for watchOS, macOS, Linux, tvOS, iPadOS, along with a few other platforms. It is mainly used in developing iOS apps. It can complete iOS mobile app developing with ease and smoothly, while also offers exceptional and pretty safe features. Lyft and Linked In are some examples of applications developed with this language.  

 R Programming 

Machine learning is something which is used in many fields these days and it is quite popular as well. R Programming technology is used majorly for machine learning and data analysis. It is also really good for statistical graphics and computing. With the help of R Programming language, developers are able to make powerful and advanced machine learning algorithms, that will be able to train themselves. The great thing about this language is that it is platform-independent language and has built-in libraries.  

 Bottom Line 

Well, there you have it this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These are some of the really popular and useful mobile app development technologies, which should be on your list if you want to develop apps for startups. With some development in these technologies and as time passes by, these will be able to produce great outcomes.  

So, if you are still thinking about it then what are you waiting for? Choose a suitable language and start developing apps for mobile phones. If you are looking to buy smartphones for yourself then we suggest you visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of OPPO phones 


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