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Why Is It Good to Ban Smartphones While Driving?

by FiveTech Team
Why Is It Good to Ban Smartphones While Driving

Making calls to friends or relatives, scrolling through Instagram, or generally surfing information Google. No matter what it is, using smartphones while driving is difficult to compensate for in any way. It can lead to unnecessary dangerous accidents, damages and a lot more unfortunate events that may occur.

There is no excuse to use the mobile phone without any reason on the road, especially while driving. Not only it is a danger for human life but proves to be worse than the drunk driving habit. An enormous number of users use android phones while driving and there is no controlling to that unless and until there is a strict warning. Even though, most of the governments have already banned the usage of phones in the middle of a drive, still not all of us take it that serious.

The top reasons on why it should be absolutely banned to use smartphones while driving are evident and very obvious. We have stated all of the safety risks and crucial facts about why the ban of mobile phones in every state should be mandatory.

  1. Physically Dangerous

The first reason to put forward is way too straight forward. Using phone even for attending calls, especially when you have to view the screen and divert your attention can be heavily dangerous. Even if there is no major harm and you are a superb or experienced driver, you can still get physically get affected. The example of it could be twisted arm, a little hit on the roadside or bashing your head due to wrong driving.

  1. Increased Road Accidents

The percentage of road accidents due to smartphone usage while driving is double than the normal percentage. Whenever you put your eyes or set your ears on the phone, you are risking your life and causing the vehicle for a road accident. A lot of automobiles get involved in very serious accidents. Mostly it is because the driver is not paying attention to the driving, and it is due to the mobile phone use.

  1. Careless Driving

Using phones will driving makes the driving skill weaker because you start paying less concentration. This leads to the careless driving and can result in various hazardous consequences including accidents, failed directions and more. Its easier to drive when you are experienced but the more you make yourself habitual of such stuff, the more careless you are making yourself. The careless driving habit will ultimately make anyone a weak driver and not responsible enough.

  1. Enhanced Lack of Responsibility

Just what we came to after our previous point. The more indulged you are into smartphones while driving, the more lack of responsibility you have in yourself. The biggest defect in anyone’s personality and consequences are due to the responsibility issues. Being a driver, it is your genuine responsibility to protect your life as well any other human’s life, plus the vehicle as well.

  1. Unlikely Social Media Usage

According to research, the use of social media or any other platform while driving is subjected to inconvenient ways. When you are driving, you are basically multitasking and can’t easily access the social media with the exact similar ease. So as a result, you can wrongly put stuff on social media that is not supposed to be there, or you can surf absurdly with your diverted attention.

  1. Incomplete Tasks and Work activities May lead to career destruction

Many professionals make a mistake repeatedly if they continuously drive their own cars or other vehicles. Its quite understandable when you need to attend urgent meetings or make an important work call. But, when it becomes the routine, you will give half and half focus to both work and driving. This may ultimately lead to incomplete tasks that you perform while driving. As a result, not only you risk your life but also make your work less professional.

  1. Big Vehicles and More Lives in Danger

Many bus and van drivers make it severely dangerous for so many passengers to travel. By using cell phones while driving, they are risking so many lives. In larger vehicles, there are more passengers involved which can increase the risk of more human lives. Plus, the costing and duties of these vehicles are very important in everyday life. A dangerous accident or damage of them can lead to unneeded pause of a lot of professional activities as well as affected passenger’s lives.

  1. Wrong Turns and Unsuccessful Route Mapping

Well, last but not the least reason that can be a result of careless driving while using smartphones comes down to false routines and directions. While one positive side of it could be that you can use mobile phones for online maps, it can also lead you to distraction. A bigger distraction could be that while using a smartphone you can follow wrong routes or false mapping.

Bottom Line

The best way to use phone while driving is voice-assistant feature that is present in lots of mobile brands including OPPO phones. Regardless of this, you can still use voice assistant to prevent any distractions and road accidents. But you still have to make sure that you get a phone that is pro in making the best use of the feature. Our top recommendation has to be the latest OPPO phones with the voice assistant feature. You can check them out just by clicking oppostore. Enjoy your day!

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