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Find X3 Pro 5G With the Power of 4 Cameras

by FiveTech Team
Find X3 Pro 5G With the Power of 4 Cameras

With the increase in technology the mobile phones are getting more and more advanced. The new features and specs used in the latest state of the art mobile phones will just leave you amazed. The one thing which people look for the most in 5G Android smartphones, is the camera. OPPO has been known for the phones with best camera for a long time now. Whenever you buy an OPPO phone you are guaranteed to get the best quality, which is worth every penny you spend. If you are looking to buy a best budget smartphone, which can give you the power of 4 cameras, then you will find everything you need in Find X3 Pro 5G. 

Find X3 Pro 5G 

Find X3 Pro 5G is equipped with the powerful 4 cameras, which can surely take your photography skills to the next level. The cameras of this phone can surely give a professional DSLR a run for its money. Let us not waste anymore time and dive right in. 

50MP Wide-angle Camera (Dual) 

The first camera you will find is a 50MP wide-angle camera. It uses a Sony IMX 766 sensor along with a 1/1.56″ sensor size and f/1.8 aperture. It also uses an All Pixel Omni-directional PDAF feature, which makes sure the pictures you take are always crisp and detailed. There is also another 50MP camera which will boost the quality of picture in more ways than one. You can get the whole background in the image or your complete family in the picture, with its Native 110.3° field of view. The picture quality is extremely detailed, and every little detail can be easily seen. It is great for capturing the whole landscape and if you are a photography enthusiast, then this phone can do wonders for you.  

13MP Telephoto Camera 

The third one is a 13MP telephoto camera which can enhance the picture quality in a major way. It also lets you take pictures of things which are far away from you. You can even take the picture of a bird sitting on the London bridge, while you are taking a walk on the street. It supports a 5x hybrid optical zoom and 20x digital zoom, so you can zoom in on even the most-far away thing with great ease and precision. 

3MP Microlens Camera 

The last one is a 3MP microlens. It helps you take the pictures of even the smallest things. The 60x magnification works as good as it sounds. This can prove to be a great thing for you if you are a nature photographer or even a wildlife photographer. This is not all, it also offers a FHD Video Recording with the f/3.0 aperture.  

32MP Front Camera 

Now let us a little about the front camera of this phone. It is equipped with a 32MP front camera with 81° Field of View. This simply means the selfies you take are larger than life and you can include the whole gang in your selfie. It can make your already beautiful selfies more beautiful. It makes sure the selfies you take are absolutely stunning every single time.  

Shooting Modes 

There are plenty of great shooting modes in this phone for you guys, to get the best out of your phone’s camera. If you are a vlogger or like to shoot videos on your phone for the documentaries or short films, then this phone is definitely for you.  

Night Mode 

Night Mode is probably the best thing which you can find in your phone’s camera. With this Night Mode you can take clear pictures and shoot crisp videos even in the darkness of night. It manages the light and brightens up the images, without even compromising on the quality for once. It fills the light in dark areas but never overexposes the picture. 

Dual-view video 

There is also another cool thing in this phone which is the dual-view video mode. It simply lets you record videos from both front and back cameras simultaneously. You can record the object or the place which is in front of you, while also recording the reaction on your face with the front camera at the same time. It is really good to have if you are a social media content creator. You can post these videos online and set the social media on fire.  

Many Others 

There are many more shooting modes in this phone, which can enhance your productivity to the new heights. It has a Panorama mode which you can find in most of the latest phones. Plus, there are also Slow-motion, Timelapse, Movie modes. Whereas the text scanner, microscope, and Google lens are just icing on the cake.  


Now that we have gotten the cameras out of the way, let us talk a little about the key specs of this phone. It is powered by Snapdragon 888 chipset, along with the Adreno 660 GPU. You get the memory of 8GB RAM along with the wide storage space of 256GB. To enjoy your mobile phone experience all day long, you get the powerful 4500mAh battery, which can certainly last you the whole day with just a single charge. It also supports SuperVOOC 2.0 Fast Charge feature, which can boost the battery of your phone and never leaves you hanging for long. The display of this phone is just to die for. Find X3 Pro 5G has a 6.7 inches AMOLED display, which gives you the resolution of 3216 x 1440 pixels. The refresh rate of 120Hz makes sure the visuals you see on the screen are always smooth as silk, whether you are gaming or streaming.  

Bottom Line 

Find X3 Pro 5G is without a doubt on top of the list of phones with best camera. The powerful camera and mighty specs are packed inside a slim and sleek body, which can surely turn some heads around when taken out in public. So, if you have not made up your mind, then what are you waiting for? Make sure to visit OPPO Store and buy this best budget smartphone, or choose from a wide collection of OPPO smartphones. 

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