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Review: Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx 49″ Ultrawide 120Hz HDR Curved Gaming Monitor

by FiveTech Team

PC gaming is of no joy without a quality computer monitor. Only a high-resolution monitor with a faster refresh rate can deliver you crispy visuals. That’s why you need to pick a model from the best desktop monitors for gaming. And if you are on a budget, Acer is the right brand for you. As compared to renowned brands, Acer monitors offer the best screen with enhanced performance at affordable prices. 

Today, we are going to review one of the best curved monitors from the Acer Nitro series. The model we are evaluating is the Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx, a 49-inch gaming monitor. This is an Ultrawide curved monitor that comes with HDR. Read our article to find out whether it is a suitable match for your gaming rig. 

Our Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx review includes design assessment and display functionality. Let’s take a peek at the strengths and weaknesses of this computer monitor. 

Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx Specs Review 

Display Size: 49-inch LED Curved DFHD (3840 x 1080) 

Panel Type: VA 

Aspect Ratio: 32:9 

Response Time: 4ms 

Refresh Rate: 144Hz 

Brightness: 400 nits 

Contrast Ratio: 3000:1 

Dimensions: 47.2 x 9.8 x 18.54 inches 

Weight: 25.2 lb 

If you look at the specs, the Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx is an incredible display for gaming. This is a DFHD monitor that offers double the resolution of a regular Full HD monitor. 

Design & Built 

We were appeased by the overall setup of this curved gaming monitor. The ultrawide screen adds a certain appeal to it while the rest of the body has a minimalistic design. It is attached with a round shape plastic stand that has a little red accent. This is a pretty basic structure that stands on a V-shape base and comes in black colour. 

The real-time ambient lighting on the top edge of the stand and around the joint creates a gaming environment. There are seven backlighting colours to choose from as well as flashing light effects. So, you get to set the tone of your gaming rig as per your mood. 

It lacks the height adjustment feature, probably because of its large screen size. However, you can tilt the display from -5 to 15 degrees to adjust the viewing angle. The screen has dimensions of 47.2 x 9.8 x 18.54 inches whereas it measures about 47.2 x 9.4 x 18 inches with an attached stand. We found it neither heavy nor too light during our Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx review. The screen weighs around 25.2 lb (11.43 kg) without the stand. 

Display Evaluation 

As highlighted, this is a 49-inch Ultrawide LED display and features a VA panel. Thanks to its large screen size, the aspect ratio is greater than the typical 16:9 value. It offers a 32:9 aspect ratio while the AMD FreeSync 2 technology ensures you get stutter-free visuals. 

The contrast ratio of this display is 3000:1 whereas the brightness level is around 400 nits. A higher refresh rate of 144Hz means you can enjoy fast-paced gaming. The response time is 4ms which let you savour most AAA titles and console games. Whereas the 3840 x 1080 resolution makes it a DFHD (double full HD) desktop monitor. 

Connectivity Options 

Cheap gaming monitors often lacks connectivity, but the Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx tells another tale. We were quite pleased during the Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx review by its options. It comes equipped with all the necessary ports that gamers might need. 

There are three HDMI output connections along with a DisplayPort. Two of the HDMI ports are 1.4b while one is HDMI 2.0 output. Acer also offers a display port cable so that you can easily make a connection between devices. Additionally, there are two speakers (3 watts) that produce quality sound. 

Visual Quality 

The Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx has everything that you might need for gameplay. A higher resolution, faster refresh rate, and Ultrawide screen are some of its key features. This is an ideal display for FPS titles and 2D action games. With 90% DCI-P3, you will receive a uniform appearance, finer shades, and smooth transitions. 

This is a VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified gaming monitor that promises industry-standard specifies HDR quality. From rising time and bit depth to colour gamut and luminance you will witness crispy, quality visuals. The improved colour contrast and accuracy will keep you one step ahead of your online rivals. 

Gaming Performance 

During the Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx review, we found it a real treat for eyes. This is one of the best curved monitors that you can get at an affordable price. Without compromising the visual quality, it offers you features that contends with high-end gaming monitors.  

From its Ultrawide screen size to double FHD resolution to HDR 400, this is a monitor that boasts greatness. A 144Hz overclocked refresh rate let you relish 1080p gaming to the fullest. Whereas the improved brightness level and adequate response time let you enjoy smooth performance. To further add the fun, Acer has equipped it with the FreeSync 2 technology that diminishes lags and flickering. 

We tested its gaming performance by running PUBG at high settings and were pleased with the response. There was no stuttering as the visuals were enriched with colours. It was easy to move ahead, and the visuals were moving with the sound.  


The Acer Nitro EI491CRPbmiiipx is one of the best curved monitors on the market right now. Its affordable price tag is what makes it a more suitable choice. You get your hands on a large screen computer monitor with DFHD resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. Plus, the improved brightness and backlighting feature give it an extra touch of elegance. In case you are still making your mind, visit our complete collection of monitors at Fivetech

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