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Is Nintendo Switch A Console? How Much It Costs in Pounds?

by Adeel
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The Nintendo Switch has carved a niche in gaming, offering a unique blend of versatility and portability. However, an ongoing debate has been regarding its classification as a traditional console. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the features, functionality, and cost of the Nintendo Switch while addressing the question: Is it a console? Additionally, we’ll examine the pricing of the Nintendo Switch in pounds, shedding light on its affordability and value proposition. 

Understanding the Nintendo Switch: 

The Nintendo Switch, launched in March 2017, represents a departure from conventional gaming consoles. It features a hybrid design, seamlessly transitioning between handheld and docked modes, accommodating different gaming preferences and lifestyles. At its core, the Switch comprises a tablet-like device with detachable Joy-Con controllers, offering a wide range of gaming experiences, from single-player adventures to multiplayer showdowns. 

Features of Nintendo Switch: 


The Nintendo Switch is renowned for its versatility, offering multiple modes of play to suit various gaming preferences and situations. 

  • Handheld Mode: 
  • In handheld mode, the Nintendo Switch is a portable gaming device that allows users to enjoy their favourite games on the go. The device features a built-in 6.2-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, providing crisp and vibrant visuals for immersive gaming experiences. The compact form factor and integrated controls make it easy to carry the Switch anywhere, enabling gaming sessions during commutes, travels, or leisure time. 
  • Docked Mode: 
  • Docked mode transforms the Nintendo Switch into a traditional console setup, allowing users to connect the device to a TV or monitor for gaming on a larger screen. The Switch has a docking station that provides HDMI output for seamless connectivity to external displays. Placing the Switch in the dock and connecting it to a TV allows players to enjoy console-quality gaming experiences from the comfort of their living rooms. This mode is ideal for immersive gaming sessions, multiplayer competitions, or enjoying cinematic adventures on a big screen. 
  • Tabletop Mode: 
  • Tabletop mode offers a unique gaming experience, allowing users to prop up the Nintendo Switch using its built-in kickstand. The device functions as a standalone screen in this mode, like a miniaturised TV or tabletop gaming console. Players can detach the Joy-Con controllers and place the Switch on any flat surface, enabling shared gaming experiences with friends and family. Tabletop mode is perfect for impromptu multiplayer sessions, cooperative gameplay, or casual gaming sessions in social settings. 

Joy-Con Controllers: 

The Nintendo Switch comes equipped with innovative Joy-Con controllers, offering a versatile gaming experience with a wide range of input options and functionalities. 

  • Detachable Design: 
  • The Joy-Con controllers feature a unique detachable design, allowing users to attach or detach them from the central console unit effortlessly. Each Joy-Con controller can function independently, enabling multiplayer gaming experiences without additional accessories. The detachable nature of the Joy-Con controllers adds to the Switch’s versatility, providing different control options for various gaming scenarios. 
  • Motion Controls: 
  • Joy-Con controllers have advanced motion-sensing technology, enabling precise motion controls for enhanced gameplay experiences. Players can interact with games using intuitive gestures, such as swinging a Joy-Con like a tennis racket in “Mario Tennis Aces” or tilting the controllers to steer vehicles in “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.” Motion controls add a new dimension to gameplay, immersing players in interactive experiences that transcend traditional button inputs. 
  • HD Rumble: 
  • Another standout feature of the Joy-Con controllers is HD Rumble, a sophisticated haptic feedback system that delivers realistic vibrations and tactile sensations. HD Rumble allows players to feel subtle nuances and vibrations in games, enhancing immersion and realism. Whether it’s the sensation of rolling dice in “1-2-Switch” or feeling the rumble of a virtual engine in “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe,” HD Rumble adds depth and sensory feedback to the gaming experience. 

Game Library: 

The Nintendo Switch boasts an extensive library of games, encompassing various genres, styles, and experiences to cater to every gaming preference. 

  • First-Party Titles: 

Nintendo’s lineup of first-party titles is a cornerstone of the Switch’s game library, featuring iconic franchises and beloved characters. From the sprawling open-world adventure of “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” to the whimsical platforming of “Super Mario Odyssey,” Nintendo’s exclusive titles showcase the creativity, innovation, and charm that define the company’s gaming legacy. 

  • Third-Party Releases: 

In addition to first-party titles, the Nintendo Switch offers a robust selection of third-party games from leading developers and publishers. From action-packed shooters like “DOOM” and “Fortnite” to engrossing RPGs like “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “Octopath Traveler,” the Switch’s third-party library caters to diverse gaming tastes and preferences. With support from developers worldwide, the Switch continues to receive a steady stream of high-quality releases across various genres. 

  • Indie Gems: 

Indie games play a significant role in the Nintendo Switch’s library, offering unique, innovative, and often quirky experiences independent developers create. From charming puzzle platformers like “Celeste” and “Hollow Knight” to captivating narrative adventures like “Undertale” and “Stardew Valley,” indie gems add depth and diversity to the Switch’s gaming ecosystem. Nintendo’s commitment to supporting indie developers through initiatives like the Nintendo eShop and indie showcases has helped foster a thriving indie scene on the Switch. 

The functionality of Nintendo Switch: 

Handheld Mode: 

Handheld mode represents one of the primary functions of the Nintendo Switch, offering users the ability to play games on the go with the device’s integrated screen. This mode is ideal for portable gaming experiences, allowing players to enjoy their favourite titles anywhere. The Switch’s compact form factor and lightweight design make it easy to carry in a bag or pocket, enabling gaming sessions during commutes, travels, or leisure time. 

  • Portability: 
  • The Nintendo Switch’s handheld mode provides unmatched portability, allowing users to take their gaming experiences anywhere. Whether on a train, bus, plane, or simply lounging at home, players can immerse themselves in games without being tethered to a TV or external display. 
  • Integrated Display: 
  • The Switch features a built-in 6.2-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, delivering crisp visuals and vibrant colours for an immersive gaming experience. The touchscreen functionality of the display adds another layer of interaction, enabling intuitive controls and navigation in supported games and applications. 
  • On-the-Go Gaming: 
  • Handheld mode caters to gamers who value convenience and flexibility, allowing them to play games on the Switch whenever and wherever they please. Whether tackling epic quests in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” embarking on culinary adventures in “Overcooked! 2,” or competing in fast-paced battles in “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” the Switch’s handheld mode provides endless entertainment options for players on the move. 

Docked Mode:

Docked mode transforms the Nintendo Switch into a traditional console setup, enabling users to connect the device to a TV or monitor for gaming on a larger screen. This mode offers a more immersive gaming experience, with the Switch serving as the central hub for gaming sessions in the living room or entertainment area. 

  • TV Connectivity: 
  • The Switch has a docking station that provides HDMI output for seamless connectivity to external displays. By simply placing the Switch in the dock and connecting it to a TV, players can enjoy console-quality gaming experiences on the big screen. This mode is perfect for immersive gaming sessions, multiplayer competitions, or enjoying cinematic adventures with friends and family. 
  • Enhanced Graphics and Audio: 
  • Docked mode leverages the processing power of the Switch to deliver enhanced graphics and audio fidelity on a TV or monitor. Games rendered in docked mode often benefit from higher resolutions, improved frame rates, and enhanced visual effects, providing a more polished and cinematic gaming experience than handheld mode. 
  • Multiplayer Gaming: 
  • Docked mode facilitates multiplayer gaming experiences, allowing multiple players to gather around the TV and enjoy games using Joy-Con controllers or compatible accessories. Whether engaging in cooperative missions, competitive matches, or party games, docked mode fosters social interaction and camaraderie among players. 

Tabletop Mode:

Tabletop mode offers a unique gaming experience by allowing users to prop up the Nintendo Switch using its built-in kickstand, effectively turning any flat surface into a gaming platform. This mode is ideal for shared gaming experiences, impromptu multiplayer or casual social gaming sessions. 

  • Built-in Kickstand: 
  • The Switch features a sturdy kickstand on the back of the device, allowing users to prop it up on a tabletop or other flat surface. The kickstand provides stability and support, ensuring that the Switch remains securely in place during gameplay sessions. 
  • Shared Gaming: 
  • Tabletop mode enables shared gaming experiences with friends and family, as multiple players can gather around the Switch and enjoy games together. With the detachable Joy-Con controllers, each player can have their controller for multiplayer gaming sessions, promoting collaboration, competition, and fun. 
  • Versatile Gameplay: 
  • Tabletop mode accommodates various gameplay styles and genres, from cooperative adventures and strategy games to party games and quick multiplayer matches. Whether playing a board game-inspired title like “Super Mario Party,” engaging in fast-paced battles in “ARMS,” or solving puzzles in “Snipperclips,” tabletop mode offers endless possibilities for gaming enjoyment. 

Cost of Nintendo Switch in Pounds: 

Now, let’s address the burning question: How much does the Nintendo Switch cost in pounds? As of today, the standard Nintendo Switch model typically retails for around £279.99 in the UK. This includes the central console unit, a pair of Joy-Con controllers, a dock for TV connectivity, and necessary cables. However, pricing may vary based on retailer promotions, bundled offerings, and optional accessories. 

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, Nintendo also offers the Nintendo Switch Lite, a handheld-only variant priced at approximately £199.99. While it lacks certain features of the standard Switch, such as TV connectivity and detachable Joy-Con controllers, the Switch Lite remains a compelling choice for portable gaming enthusiasts. 

Considering the Value Proposition: 

When evaluating the cost of the Nintendo Switch, it’s essential to consider its value proposition relative to other gaming platforms. While the initial investment may seem steep compared to budget-friendly options, such as mobile gaming or older console generations, the Switch offers unparalleled versatility and a vast library of exclusive titles. 

Moreover, the Nintendo Switch ecosystem continues to evolve, with regular software updates, new game releases, and additional features like the Nintendo Switch Online service, providing access to online multiplayer, cloud saves, and retro game collections. 

In Conclusion: 

In conclusion, the Nintendo Switch transcends traditional definitions of gaming consoles, offering a unique fusion of handheld and docked gameplay experiences. Its versatility, functionality, and extensive game library make it a compelling choice for gamers of all ages and preferences. Despite its initial cost, the Nintendo Switch delivers exceptional value for money, providing countless hours of entertainment and gaming enjoyment. Enhance your gaming experience further by pairing it with the best gaming mouse, ensuring precise control and engagement whether gaming on the go or at home. So, whether gaming on the go or immersing yourself in epic adventures at home, the Nintendo Switch is a worthy investment for gaming enthusiasts worldwide. 

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