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Lenovo IdeaPad L340 17.3″ Best Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5 – Review

by FiveTech Team
Lenovo IdeaPad l340 review

The Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is a choice when you’re looking for a one of a kind laptop for gaming and work. It’s got the spectacular features and the outclass performance that would bring out the inner gamer in you. But what makes this laptop so amazing? Let’s take a look: 

Overview of the Specs 

Here is an overview of the specs for Lenovo IdeaPad L340: 

  • 9th Gen Intel Core i5 
  • 2.4 GHz base and 4.1 GHz max turbo processor 
  • 17.3” FHD display screen with the ability to bend 180o 
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 4GB dedicated GPU 


Coming with a plain matte finish, this gaming laptop ensures the appeal that you would want from any lightweight gaming laptop. The brushed finesse comes with smooth edges and the craftsmanship is stunning in every manner. You’ll only have to deal with the smudges of fingerprints that are left on the body. 


You get to enjoy the bright 17.3” FHD display that comes with great viewing angles. Although running a 4K game would not produce the right results, still using it for HD display will bring an immersive view. Apart from that, the colour saturation is superb and even with 83% brightness distribution, it gives a reliable view used outdoors. Hence, it’s a great choice if you want a laptop that can work outdoors. 


Speaking of performance, it has performed well compared to many Core i5 gaming laptops of its tiers, including HP OMEN 15. The performance is further elevated with RAM and SSD extension that gives you the edge you need for gaming and work. Not only it allows multitasking but you’re able to play AAA tiered games smoothly. 

With NVidia GeForce 1650 4GB dedicated GPU, you can get immersive visuals that will bring out the fun. Upon testing, this laptop ran The Witcher 3 with no fps drops. It offered 73fps which was far batter than its competing laptops. Moreover, it’s able to play other high tiered games without any hassle. Hence if you’re picking this laptop for gaming, then you’re making the right choice.  


One of the many things that gamers want from their gaming machine is long battery life. The Lenovo IdeaPad L340 does great in this matter, offering almost 7 hours of workability. Playing high tiered games can consume more power; however, tests revealed that it isn’t an issue. That means that you won’t have to deal with sudden battery drops. 

Keyboard and Trackpad 

The keyboard comes with one-tone 2-level backlight as well as a firm typing experience. However, if you’re someone that has fingers set for arrow keys, then it might become an issue. The up and down arrow keys are cramped, which makes it difficult to use them. Apart from that, you get a full Numpad and the typing experience is truly great. 

Speaking of the trackpad, you’ll have to deal with rattling sounds while using it as it’s not fit with the chassis. Moreover, the buttons are not dedicated and respond to high-pressure actuation. The surface also comes with high resistance, which makes moving fingers and navigation difficult. 


The Lenovo IdeaPad L340 doesn’t come with Thunderbolt 3 so you’ll not find the seamless LAN connectivity that you’ve always wanted. Apart from that, it does feature USB 3.0 Type C; however, it cannot be used to charge the laptop. There isn’t a memory card reader and tests have shown slow connectivity as well. Heat can be an issue if the system’s outlet gets covered when using its 180o feature while lying down. 

Final Verdict 

In a nutshell, the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is a great gaming laptop with only minor shortcomings. It’s perfect for entry and modern level games. However, you’ll need to reduce the settings to medium or low to run these games. The CPU didn’t show any performance drops and provided rather comfortable results. Hence based on the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 review, it can be said that it’s a superb gaming laptop under £1000

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