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ASUS TUF FX705DU 17.3″ Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 – Review

by FiveTech Team
asus tuf fx705 review

The ASUS TUF series is one of the great choices that can be made for gaming purposes. The ASUS TUF FX705DU is one of these amazing ASUS laptops that you can opt for. But does this gaming laptop give the performance that gamers need? This ASUS TUF FX705 review will give us the right insights. So, let’s get started: 

Specs Overview 

Here are the general specs for ASUS TUF FX705DU: 

  • AMD Ryzen 7-3750H 
  • 2.30 GHz base, 4.0 GHz Quad-Core processor 
  • 17.3” FHD IPS display 
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB dedicated GPU 
  • 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD 


Coming from the same series, the design of ASUS TUF FX705DU has the military-grade toughness like its siblings. In other words, it has a compact chassis and comes with aesthetics that you would need from a gaming laptop. In addition, it comes with built to last standards as well. The plastic palm rest with a brushed texture and the lid with a matte aluminium gives the right kind of appeal. Some bad news for left-handed as the entire IO setup is made on the left side of the laptop. 


With 4 zone RGB lighting is appealing but not comfortable. The keys are cramped to make space for the Numpad, which is cramped itself. The WASD are plastic keys that allow illumination. Even though the keys come with a rubbery finish, it needs 1.88mm actuation press, which is a lot since gamers need instant feedback. Though it offers a good experience and supports 20 million keypresses. 


The ASUS TUF FX705DU comes with a 17.3” FHD screen with IPS display. Some variants come with 144Hz and the other comes with 60Hz. You can choose between the one you want. However, the screen is average considering the advancements made in technology. Apart from that, it comes with middling angles and the contrast isn’t great. You get 66% sRGB coverage and 265 cd/m2 brightness on power, which is below average. Not usable outdoor, which does not make it a good choice for portability. The panel is uneven too. 


The ASUS TUF FX705DU comes with eight logical cores and offers more power especially for demanding tasks. The six Core i7 is much faster than this; however, it comes equal to the quad Core i5 gaming laptops.  

One thing that you have to go through is the power consumption since the AMD processor doesn’t clock down and creates a toll on the battery. Apart from that, you get 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD that amplifies the performance. 

As for graphical accuracy, you get NVidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti that brings immersive graphics. Lower and mid tiered games can run easily. However, high tiered games will need adjustment in the settings to run them smoothly. 


It offers at least 4 hours of battery life. However, the turbo mode that is needed to enhance performance for gaming is disabled for battery, which means, you’ll have to keep it plugged in if you want to have turbo mode on for gaming.  


The components are accessible with the help of easily removable back panel. You also get three fan modes that you opt for; however, each one comes with specific performance limits. Increasing those will result in a change in mode. The inner components get heated and fall short in performance in comparison with Intel-based gaming laptops.  

The dual fans operate based on the profiles. However, generate a lot of noise. There’s no card reader or Thunderbolt 3. The speakers aren’t that great, and you would probably need a headset to get it all done. 

Final Thoughts 

The ASUS TUF FX705DU is a great choice until you don’t want to travel. The screen isn’t bright, and you’d probably get mid-level gaming done with this. Based on the specs, the price is high. 

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