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Review: Philips B Line 273B9 27-inch LED Monitor with Speaker

by FiveTech Team

Philips monitors are amongst the best displays that one can get. These desktop monitors come in various sizes, panels, and resolutions and have multiple uses. They deliver in terms of visual quality, including colour gamut and contrast. On the other hand, their affordable prices make them a good fit for budget-minded users. Especially, the B-line monitors have earned a good name for their price-to-productivity ratio. 

Philips B Line 273B9 offers the same with some extra perks and qualities. This is a 27-inch LED monitor with speakers that you can buy for under £300. Our Philips B Line 273B9 monitor review include its performance and design assessment. We have evaluated its functionality as well as the design stability. 

Philips B-Line 273B9 Monitor Specs Review 

Display: 27-inch LED IPS Full HD (1920 x 1080) 

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 

Brightness: 250 nits 

Refresh Rate: 75Hz 

Response Time: 4ms 

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 

On paper, the B-Line 273B9 appears to be an affordable choice amongst Philips monitors. Let’s see whether it can handle office workload and run heavy graphics. 

Design & Build Review 

Philips B Line 273B9 boasts premium-ness and comes with a sturdy package. Despite its minimalistic design, its 27-inch display stands out and captures the eyes. It stands proudly on a round plastic base, which is solid, durable and can handle its weight. This is an ergonomic design that is ideal for the workplace environment. 

Creative professionals will find it a classy, elegant monitor that fits well with the interior. There is a cable collector attached behind the stand that will keep your desk clutter-free. Plus, you can adjust the display angles of this Philips desktop monitor as per your desires. Its top and side bezels are comparatively thinner than other Philips monitors, which means a better visual experience. However, the bottom edge is a bit thick. On the right side, it features some useful shortcut buttons while the brand name is written in the middle. 

Philips has built this LED monitor keeping in mind the versatile needs of users. You can change the display from landscape to portrait mode and vice versa, thanks to 90-degree rotation. For a better visual experience, you can lift the display up to 150mm in height. You can also swivel it up to 175 degrees and the display can be tilted from -5 degrees to +30 degrees. 

Display Quality 

The display on this 27-inch computer monitor is a Full HD IPS screen. So, you will get a higher resolution of 1920 x 1080p with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The brightness level on this LED monitor is around 250 nits. You will receive a contrast ratio of 1000:1 with a response time of 4ms and a 75Hz refresh rate. 

The IPS technology ensures improved visuals, and you will not experience any glares. You can use it for office tasks or home chores, as it will easily fit in any room. Its Full HD resolution and 27-inch wider display make it an ideal choice for multitasking. 

During our Philips B Line 273B9 monitor, we found it to be a perfect match for creatives and office users. It can handle heavy graphics, take care of your professional needs, and can run AAA games as well. Especially if you are into FHD gameplay, Philips B Line 273B9 will meet your needs. 

Plus, this is a monitor with Speaker, so you do not have to pay extra to ensure quality sound. Additionally, Philips has equipped the B Line 273B9 with a USB-C 3.2 connection and HDMI output. the USB-C port comes with power support, which means you can charge your Ultrabook using it. 


We were pleased with the performance during our Philips B Line 273B9 monitor review. This is an affordable LED monitor with a speaker that promises high productivity. You can use it for media editing, graphics designing, and 1080p gaming. The anti-glaring IPS panel works exceptionally and provides crisp visuals that are accessible from every angle. 

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