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HP 255 G7 15.6in Best Laptop Deal AMD Ryzen 5 – Review

by FiveTech Team

How cool it would be to get the best laptop, and that too at the best deal. Well, have no fear when HP is here. HP has always been your one solution for all your computing needs. Let us review one of the finest HP laptops, on which you can get the best deals at fivetech.co.uk. So, without wasting anymore time lets just dive right in.

HP 255 G7:

Before we start the review, lets just get the key specs out of the way first. It is powered by AMD Ryzen 5 3500U along with 2.60GHz processor. It has a memory of 8 GB RAM and a storage space of 512GB SSD. HP 255 G7 is windows 10 compatible, so you get the easy and smooth interface. These all specs combined, give the best computing experience you always wanted. Whether you are gaming or working, you will get the smooth and fast-paced experience every time. The storage is more than enough for you guys to store all your favourite apps, games, and movies. The operation of daily tasks is so smooth and lightning-fast, that your computing experience will never be the same again.


Now let’s talk a little about the display of this HP laptop. It has a 15.6 inch HD display with the resolutions of 1920×1080. The display is great, and you will get the best viewing experience every time, whether you are gaming, streaming, or just working. The colours are vivid, and the resolutions are cutting edge. You will get to see every little detail, while watching a movie or playing a game. It is also equipped with HP’s optional HD webcam, with super cool wide range dynamics. You can do video calls or video meetings with great ease. The picture quality in this cam is decent. Plus, the wide range dynamics give you the freedom to get your whole background in it as well, or just get all your friends in the frame.


What do you want from a laptop? Of-course productivity and portability. This HP laptop is good at both. This super slim laptop is lightweight, so you can take it anywhere without any hassle. Its slim body gives this laptop stylish and sleek look. Plus, it fits inside your bag perfectly.

Another cool thing about this HP laptop is that it is also durable. It can endure a good amount of beating. You can take it on the road without any worry or stress of damaging it. Its body is designed to endure small falls and pressure or temperature changes as well.


This laptop gives you the best security options, to protect your personal data or login information. You get the hardware-based encryption keys from the firmware trusted Platform Module (TPM), which helps you secure all your personal information.


This laptop gives you wireless connectivity for your wireless peripherals with Bluetooth 4.2. Plus, connect to your wireless internet connection with Gigabit Lan and WLAN 802.11.

You can connect your favourite peripherals, or other devices to this laptop with great ease. It provides you legacy ports like RJ-45 and a VGA port. This makes your laptop easily connectable with all your devices, whether at home or at office.


Well, this was the review of one of the best HP laptop for you guys. So, what did we learn from this HP 255 G7 review. If you are looking for productivity on the go, then this is the best option for you guys. Get the best deal on this laptop or choose from a wide range of HP laptops, only at your tech guru fivetech.co.uk.

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