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Oppo Watch Review: An Excellent Wear OS Smartwatch

by FiveTech Team

We all know Oppo has been your solution for all your mobile and tech needs. Oppo has done it again with Oppo Watch, to keep your technology closer to you and on your wrist all the time. The great interface of Oppo Watch not only tells you time but, does much more. We will review a great smartwatch by Oppo, so let us not waste any more time and get right to it.


Want to enjoy the flagship phone level display on a watch? It might have sounded crazy a few years back, but with Oppo watch it is possible. Oppo watches 41mm has a killer 1.91 inch OLED display, which gives all the great smartphones a run for their money. You can clearly see the crisp and cutting-edge colors on this smartwatch. It is equipped with dual-curved screen, and a 3D curved back design gives it a stylish kick as well. The 320×360 resolution of its screen is so sharp, that you will not even miss a single text on this smartwatch. The visuals are extremely sharp and clear, for a tiny screen. You can even set your own picture, or any other picture of your choice in the background.

This smartwatch also gives you the comforting feel of reliability. It has a scratch-resistant Corning glass, which lets you use it in a carefree manner, and saves you from the pain of always worrying about getting the display damaged with scratches. Plus, you can take it to the showers or to swimming with you, because this beast of a smartwatch is 3ATM water-resistant.


Get the smoothest operating system in your smartwatch with Wear OS by Google. The smooth and fast operating system gives you the best interface, for all your tasks. It wakes up quickly from sleep and does not take the whole day to open a single app. You will not feel the watch slowing down at any point. You can check the weather, track your fitness and health, and you can stay up to date with smart info management tools. You can pair your smartphone with your smartwatch and get the message notifications and reply to those as well. This smartwatch keeps you entertained as well by playing music online.


Get the most out of the battery of your Oppo smartwatch, with two powerful endurance modes, powered by Ambiq Micro’s Apollo3 and Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear3100. You can charge your smartwatch for the whole day of use, in just 15 mins with Watch VOOC Flash Charging. Oppo Smartwatch gives you a battery time of up to 36 hours in smart mode, and if you use your smartwatch in power saver mode, it can last up to 21 days. The 21 minutes charging can charge your watch to 46%.


If you are a fitness freak, then this Oppo smartwatch can prove to be a great partner for you. It allows you to keep track of your fitness and health, so you can keep a record of your progress. Google Fit gives you the real-time fitness tracking feature, which is quite helpful. Never miss a beat with the Oppo smartwatch. Its rear optical heartbeat sensor allows you to keep track of your heartbeat and see how it is pumping. It monitors your heart rate for 24 hours. Plus, with HeyTap Health App, you can generate a report of your heart rate as well. It also keeps track of your sleeping, and if you want, it can also provide you with get-up reminders. Overall, it can prove to be a great tool for you, to enhance your fitness routines or at least make them consistent.


Well, this Oppo smartwatch is a cool device. It gives you the perfect performance you desire, for all your needs. It’s like wearing a tiny smartphone on your wrist. Plus, it proves to be a great fit to keep track of your overall health and fitness, which is great. It gets a two-thumbs-up from our side. Don’t waste anymore time and get this Oppo watch for yourself or your loved ones at oppostore.co.uk.


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