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5 Best gaming monitors under £200 UK

by FiveTech Team
5 Best gaming monitors under £200 UK

An expensive gaming monitor might seem fascinating and excellent at what it could do for intensive gamers. However, that does not mean you can’t get the obvious best in a preliminary budget. It certainly requires a little more attention to detail when you are choosing one of the best budget gaming monitors.

Gaming enthusiasts have to get the best in quality but not every top-notch gamer can afford a premium over-the-top gaming monitor. Likewise, there are some of luxury gaming monitors that cannot be compared to the regular ones. But not everybody needs an excessive gaming rig for playing hard-core games or being a top-level gamer. So, budget gaming monitors can pretty much be a saviour for students, youngsters and those who are always on a budget.

Buying a high-range gaming monitor must take a heavy toll on your bank balance, but if you are looking forward to fixing a certain budget, here you are at the right spot. We have picked five cheap gaming monitors under £200 that should serve the best in value with every requisite feature. Before we jump right onto the monitors for gaming list, it’s important you should know some crucial factors.

Are Budget Gaming Monitors Good Enough?

Even though the low-budget gaming monitors don’t assimilate fancy designs or necessarily advanced features, there are still a lot of good quality ones. The budget gaming monitors can offer better refresh rates and excellent response times, so you can expect them to be as good as premium ones. You can also find Free-Sync and G-Sync technology equipped in these monitors which helps in delivering better performance. To be precise, a budget gaming monitor can surely offer you a gaming performance that matches the intense gaming session requirements.

Essential Features of Gaming Monitors

For gaming, one of the most vital components is the monitor display you are going to play your game on. Well, even if we didn’t need to make sure of this, it is a fact that a display for gaming adds a lot of good grace and power in an immersive gaming experience. Some of the features that you are surely going to need in your gaming monitor are uncompromisable. You cannot just go for a gaming monitor without them being a part of it, even if the design isn’t that great. Following are all essentials you have to overview when you decide to get your hands on your next budget gaming monitor.

Refresh Rate

A monitor’s refresh rate adds more meaning to the performance level of a screen. The time that takes up in refreshing a next graphical effect on your screen is your monitor’s refresh rate. Most of the gaming monitors have higher refresh rate and this is because gaming graphics require better rate ratio. Even if you are buying a ‘lesser in budget monitor’, the refresh rate should be up to 144 Hz. On the least, the refresh rate should start from 75 Hz and the best option would definitely be 144Hz.

Response Time

The response time of a gaming monitor has to be in between 1 millisecond to 4 milliseconds. This means your monitor will respond faster whenever you are in the midst of rigorous gaming sessions. Having a good screen response timing from the monitor will help reduce any screen blurs and increase the accuracy of graphics.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio of a screen determines that how dark your screen dark elements can be when compared to the brightest of elements. In a gaming monitor, the contrast ratio should sit between 1000:1 to 3000:1 so any image doesn’t come out poor or invisible.


A full HD Resolution is usually ideal for a top-notch gaming monitor. Now that we have much more variety there are 4k monitors available for high-graphic gaming as well. If you are going for a budgeted gaming monitor, its better you at least focus on getting full HD. The resolution refers to the number of pixels on your screen. The more the pixels, the better your screen resolution becomes. With budget monitors, you should at least get yourself a monitor with 1080-pixel resolution.

Screen Size & Panel

The size of a gaming monitor should not be small enough that you don’t enjoy your favourite game on the display. A larger screen size means you are going to experience big graphic characters of your desirable game on the monitor. For panel, the preferable choice would be IPS panel that allows easy screen adjustment and comfortable viewing angles. However, you can go for bigger size and TN panel too.

Features You can avoid in a Gaming Monitor

Just like there is nothing perfect in this world, there is no such term in tech unless you are going totally out of the way to buy a tech gadget. In case of budget buying, gaming monitors can be put to a tad bit compromise of not having some particular features. Here are the features you can ignore when you are buying a low-priced gaming monitor.

Fancy Design

To all those who think a powerful gaming monitor has to have a good design, we probably disagree! You are not going to always showcase your monitor in public and go brag about how great the design is. For a gaming monitor to be good enough, there is no specific requirement that that design is made with extra style or gaming glamour. No matter, the build should be robust, so your monitor isn’t easier to break off, but that doesn’t mean the design haver to be extravagant.


Yes, a lighter weight surely means more portability, but it can be put on the side if you are not always carrying your gaming monitor around. Even if your monitor is not much lighter, you can go well with a good monitor performance. Having a low budget might cause you owning a heavy-weight monitor, but that should not matter if the performance is good enough.

Quick Buying Tips

FREE Sync or G Sync

The Free Sync technology produced by AMD helps in better image and video processing. You can find it in much cheaper ranges. The G-Sync on the other side is by NVIDIA which is relatively in more priced monitors. You can find both these technologies in budget monitors and it is certainly good to have them for enhanced graphic quality on the screen.

Refresh Rate Average

We already mentioned that having a good refresh rate validates you the excellence of gaming monitor. Adding on this, you should know when buying a gaming monitor, checking on the refresh rate should be the priority and it’s best you don’t below 144 Hz.


In-plane switching which is also called as IPS is a good option for monitors so you can tilt the screen and adjust viewing angles. Moreover, a VA panel called as vertical alignment is the better option. On the contrary, if you are going for a rather cheaper option, TN panels are faster as compared to both of them. So, you can select keeping these factors in mind.

List of Best Gaming Monitors Around £200

NameFeaturesCheck Price
HP 25mx 24.5
HP 25mx 24.5
1920 x 1080
AMD® FreeSync™
ASUS VP248H 24-Inch
ASUS VP248H 24-Inch
1920 x 1080
Adaptive-Sync technology

Lenovo D24f-10
Lenovo D24f-10
AMD FreeSync

Lenovo L27q-30
Lenovo L27q-30
75 Hz
4 ms
AMD FreeSync
2560 x 1440

1000: 1000
2ms or less

HP 25mx 24.5

1920 x 1080 | AMD® FreeSync™ | 144Hz

HP 25mx 24.5The HP 25mx is one of the cheapest gaming monitors that come with a 24.5 inches screen and Free Sync technology. You get full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080, which means you aren’t going to face any issues related to pixelization. The pixel accuracy with 1080 will be fine enough to play graphic-oriented games. Moreover, HP has also incorporated Free Sync technology by AMD in this monitor for less screen stuttering and a smoother flow.

The refresh rate you can get with this screen is 144 Hz which is just what we want in a nice gaming monitor. This clearly demonstrates the fact that your screen would not seem like the graphics are distorted or reloading later. A good refresh rate is always better for the monitor speed and helps in overall system performance.

In an era of fast-paced gaming, where screens play an equally objective role for brilliant gaming, the response time matters. The HP 25mx gives a response time of just 1 milli second, which is perfect for gaming screens. The no-edge display of this monitor provides it an ultra-wide angle so you can easily get a wider view.

  • Easy Adjustment

  • Low blue-light

  • Free Sync technology

  • Ultra-wide viewing experience

  • 400 d/cm2

  • Anti-glare panel

  • TN Panel


ASUS VP248H 24-Inch
1920 x 1080 | Adaptive-Sync technology | HDMI, D-Sub

The ASUS VP48H makes it on the top in the list of best budget gaming monitors with its Adaptive Sync technology. This Sync techhnology is used to exterminate any choppy frame rates and unusual screen tearing. With 1ms response time from this monitor, this is the best you can expect from any gaming monitor. You will most probably get no waiting period before you need to swipe or go through your next move on the screen.

While most of us need to have the best connectivity especially in the gaming monitors, this ASUS monitor provides valuable ports. The 1.5-watt stereo speakers are a pleasant addition along with the HDMI and D sub ports. Good thing, we also have ASUS Splendid technology that is implemented on the display graphics to enhance contrast, colours and brightness.

  • ASUS Splendid technology

  • ASUS Vivid Pixel technology

  • Adaptive Sync

  • Flicker Free

  • Gameplus

  • Limited refresh rate


Lenovo D24f-10

144Hz | AMD FreeSync | 1ms | HDMI, DP

Lenovo D24f-10An impeccable gaming scenario can become the reality if your gaming monitor is high-quality. The Lenovo D34f is one of those monitors that come with 144 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. What else could you want from a good gaming monitor that is cheap? This Lenovo monitor features FreeSync technology that helps in a better contrast ratio and bringing out immersive graphics.

You will also be delighted to hear that this one has got enough ports so you can connect extra gaming peripherals directly to the monitor. There is also an audio jack situated right on the monitor so you can enjoy intensive headphone sensations without cable twists.

  • Bright screen

  • Quick screen response

  • FHD

  • Widescreen

  • VESA mount

  • Sensitive screen


Lenovo L27q-30

75 Hz | 4 ms | AMD FreeSync | 2560 x 1440 | 1000:1

Starting off, the Lenovo L27q comforts its users with its IPS panel that allows you to adjust your monitor screen in any angle. The 27-inch with the nearly bezel-less design gives it a wider view and you are getting a large screen here, to be precise. Of course, the Free Sync technology plays an important role in preventing the screen tearing.

The high resolution of this Lenovo monitor is packed with 1440 pixels, which provides full HD results to the screen. The screen gives the response time of 4ms which is sufficient for fast-paced gamers and is not at all frustrating. This monitor gives you the aspect ratio of 16:9 which is ideal considering the fact that your images will be wider and clearer.

  • Good contrast ratio

  • IPS

  • Wide-viewing angles

  • No screen tearing

  • Anti-glare

  • Mediocre build



24in | 1000: 1000 | 1000:1 | 2ms or less | VGA, HDMI

ASUS VP248HLThe ASUS VP248HL is a 24-inch screen that comes packed with full HD Resolution and 1000:1 contrast ratio. You also get a VGA port along with the HDMI ports in this ASUS monitor, which enables common users to attach extra peripherals easily,

The response time of this monitor is just 1 millisecond and you get absolutely no screen smearing while the motion blur is easily controlled. From a gaming perspective, you an find this gaming monitor to be easily reliable and speedy. There is also an adaptive sync technology incorporated in this monitor helps in better refresh-rates of the monitor. The exclusive gameplus technology is especially included for rigorous gaming and intense gaming sessions.

  • Amazing screen response time

  • Ideal contrast ratio

  • Gameplus technology

  • Blue-light filter

  • Low brightness


Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you are a solid gamer or not, some FAQS should sort you out in selecting the best gaming monitor for yourself. We found some valuable questions that are being asked more usually from the people who are on the hunt of searching best monitors. You may swipe down to find short answers to queries that may come in your mind.

How do I choose a gaming monitor?

Choosing a gaming monitor in this advanced tech world should seem easy, as we have lots of options in the current market. However, if you have to make a wiser decision, your selection should be on point. As gaming requires heavy graphics and double speed than typical visuals, your screen should compete equally to that level. The first and foremost element to notice before choosing the gaming monitor is its main features i.e., refresh rate, response time and resolution. These specs should be relative and as per gaming display requirement.

What monitor do pro gamers use?

Pro gamers usually use 24-inch monitor because it is necessary to rule your gaming with a big enough screen. Bigger size screens usually give an extra edge to high-powered gaming because then you wouldn’t want to be conservative with viewing angles. Moreover, 1080p Resolution monitors are also ideal for gamers and more than that is always a plus.

Are gaming monitors good for office work?

Owning a gaming monitor means you are going to have a good refresh-rate, nice response time, FHD Resolution. For office work, the usual requirement is just having a nice Resolution such as 1080p screen. A gaming monitor is definitely good enough for work except if you don’t need a big screen. Only the curved monitors are not needed when it comes to office work, and if your gaming monitor isn’t curved that wouldn’t affect in any way.

Can gaming monitors be used for video editing?

For video editing, one of the most important features include your display quality. A gaming monitor always come with greater Resolution, so it would rather be better in use for video editors. In conclusion, gaming monitors can be used as a superior option for video editing projects. Editing videos require playing with graphics, accuracy of visuals and more vivid colours on your screen. And gaming monitors are already made for containing the excellence for all of these. You will enjoy video editing on gaming monitors more than anything.

Do gaming monitors work with xbox one?

The quick answer to this question is OF COURSE! Which gaming lover wouldn’t want a better display attached with their xbox? Every other gaming monitors these days has HDMI port attached with it, which helps in connecting these devices. However, if you don’t want to spend on extra features, then you might not necessarily need a gaming monitor.

The Wrap Up

Gaming monitors can be easier to find but difficult to choose. You can select your favourite gaming monitor with much wiser decision if you keep a strong eye on the feature. In budget, everyone has to compromise on some aspects, but the better option is getting everything worth its value. If you liked any of our above-mentioned monitors, you can check them out for best budget monitor deals on Five Tech UK.

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