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Review: HP EliteDisplay E190i 19-inch LED Monitor, VGA, DVI, Display Port

by FiveTech Team
Review HP EliteDisplay E190i 19-inch LED Monitor, VGA, DVI, Display Port

Hp has always been there for all your tech needs. Whether you want laptops, computers, or any other peripherals, HP is the one solution for all your needs. If you are looking for a monitor, then HP monitors can provide you great quality and unique experience. We will be reviewing HP EliteDisplay E190i and see what this monitor is all about.

HP EliteDisplay E190i Review

This HP monitor is a pretty affordable monitor. It is a best fit for offices, schools, home, and for your everyday tasks. Let us dive in a bit deeper and see what this monitor has to offer.


Let us start off with the screen size. It is not the conventional 16:9 aspect ratio, which you get in most of the latest monitors. It gives you 19 inches display with the resolution of 1280×1024 pixels. But it works just fine for your casual computing and everyday tasks. The good thing about this display is the viewing angles. You get 178 degrees of viewing angle, which basically means you get to enjoy the clear visuals, no matter at which angle you are sitting in front of the monitor.

Picture Quality

If we talk about the picture quality, then it is pretty decent. The colours are sharp and vivid, whereas the overall picture quality is surprisingly detailed as well. The brightness of 250 cd/m2 is pretty good, and it gives you bright images, even while you are sitting under the sun or in a well-lit room. 1000:1 static contrast ratio also seems nice. The whites are much brighter, and the darks are deeper. You won’t face any dull or bland black colour, while you are streaming something on this display. 8ms grey to grey response time also eliminates the motion blur and ghosting effect to some extent. It also has an anti-glare coating on the screen. This seems really good because it gives you clear visuals, which are free from any kind of glare coming from the sun or the bright lights.

Ergonomic Design

With the ergonomic design of HP EliteDisplay E190i, you can enjoy all your visuals in a carefree and comfortable manner. You can set the height of the stand as per your comfort. The stand also swivels, tilts, and pivot as well, which gives you the comfortable view so you can never get sore neck or shoulder.


This HP monitor gives you great connectivity with a plethora of ports. It is equipped with a DisplayPort, VGA, and a DVI-D port. You also get three USB 2.0 ports, one of which is upstream, and one is downstream. There is no HDMI port which you can find in most of the latest HP monitors.

Energy Consumption

While using this monitor you won’t be worried about the electricity bill, or the energy consumption. It is equipped with ENERGY STAR qualified and EPEAT Gold registered, energy efficient design, which makes sure you get the perfect visuals without too much unnecessary energy consumption. It has a typical power consumption of 25W, which is much less than what you get in any high-end monitor.

Bottom Line

Well, this was HP EliteDisplay E190i review, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. If you are looking for an affordable monitor on which you can perform you daily computing tasks, then it is a perfect fit for you. These monitors are also a good fit in the offices and schools. But if you are looking for a monitor, on which you can play your games or for streaming purposes, then this monitor is not for you. But other than that, this is a pretty decent monitor overall. It gives you great specs on a really cheap and affordable price. Plus, the picture quality is also very smooth. So, if you have not made up your mind, then what are you waiting for? With this monitor you can get a good value for your money. So, make sure to visit FiveTech and buy this monitor, or choose from a wide collection of HP monitors.

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