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Review: HP EliteOne 800 G6 27″ All-in-One PC Core i7

by FiveTech Team
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Power, style, and durability, want all of these? Then why not get all-in-one PC, to provide all you need. All-in-one PCs are a big thing these days. It gives the proper power and smooth interface, to complete all your heavy and demanding tasks with ease. If you guys want to know which one is the best for your computing needs, then stick around, because we are going to review a great all-in-one PC by HP, for you guys. So, let us get to it. 

HP EliteOne 800 G6 Review

Be among the Elites and get yourself HP EliteOne 800 G6. This is one heck of a computer, which has the perfect combination of power, specs, and style. This beauty is powered by Intel Core i7 and 2.90GHz processor. It has a wide memory of 16GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB SSD. It is Windows 10 compatible and has integrated on-board graphics, to support you through your gaming and multimedia editing tasks. These specs are as good as they sound. The speed of operations is great even while multi-tasking. The operating system interface is very quick and easy. 


The huge display of 27 inches proves to be the best fit for all your viewing pleasures, whether you are streaming, gaming, or just performing your everyday tasks. The bezel is quite narrow which gives you more screen to body ratio, so you can concentrate more on the screen. The colours are vivid and sharp, while the overall picture quality just leaves you mesmerised.  

This IPS display has a backlit screen, which gives you the smoothest visuals and the perfect colour saturation. With the low blue-light feature, this monitor is able to turn down the intensity of blue light, so you get the visuals which are easy on your eyes as well. You can work or stream for long hours, without having to worry about damaging your eye-sight. It keeps the stress and strain to your eyes at minimum. 

The monitor itself is quite sleek and slim, which fits perfectly on your table and does not occupy too much space. It will certainly style-up your room or the office and is guaranteed to turn some heads as well. 


The wireless connections with this PC are just remarkable. It is equipped with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo. The Wi-Fi connects to the internet as quickly as you can blink your eyes. The connections are also strong, and it keeps you connected, even when the signals are weak or spotty. Online working and gaming are not an issue for this PC computer. In addition to this, the Bluetooth compatibility also does wonders. You can easily connect your Bluetooth compatible devices to this computer, with ease. Connect your wireless peripherals and take your computing experience on the next level. 

Bottom Line 

Well, this was the review of HP EliteOne 800 G6, and we hope that it covered all the factors you needed to know. This All in one PC is just amazing. The stylish design and the power-packed performance never lets you down. This PC is great for doing your multimedia editing and development tasks. It gives you a great big display to see every little detail with ease. Plus, you can also kick back and relax, by streaming your favourite movies in the spare time or playing games, on this beast of a PC. Whereas the mighty specs make sure you get your money’s worth. So, hurry and buy this PC or go to fivetech.co.uk and choose from a wide range of all in one PCs

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