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Lina Carry Dota 2 Tips You Should Know

by FiveTech Team

When it comes to support heroes in Dota 2, the support sisters make a great combo without a doubt. Whether you pick Lina or Crystal Maiden, you can get into support role right away. However, using Lina as a carry is even more exciting. Although there are several other carriers that you can pick for the direct role. However, because of Lina’s support abilities, she fits the best in this role. Here are some tips that you can remember next time you play Lina as a carry: 

Dragon Slaving 

One of the abilities of Lina is the Dragon Slave. This wave of fire allows you to get the best advantage, especially through the creep wave. Making sure that all the creeps are near to the end of their HP, you can just use the dragon slave to secure all the last creep kills. This also enables you to pressure the enemy hero in front of you. Enabling it on level one is surely the best choice especially if you’re going for the mid lane. It will easily help you in securing the lane, getting levelled up in no time. 

Support Items 

Another thing to remember is that you should have items that would provide support to other players. However, the point here is to support yourself. Since you’ll probably keep using Dragon Slave, it’s better to stock up on Clarity while farming for the Bottle. This will keep your mana meter filled and you don’t have to worry about not having enough mana to cast your ability.  

In addition, try making Eul Sceptre of Divinity as soon as possible. This is one of the core items for Lina and it makes it easier for Lina to cast every spell she has all at once. Even Sniper won’t be able to escape from this unless he’s got Shadow Blade but that can be countered as well with Dust of Appearance. Bottom line, you need items that will help you sustain your position in the lane. 

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Go to the Jungle Often 

Another way of securing a quick farm is by timing your visit to jungle camps. Instead of jungling once and then waiting for the next camp to appear, you should time it in a way that you get multiple camps. This will surely allow you to replenish your gold pool as well as XP generation. Moreover, you’ll be able to buy items quickly. 

Using creep last kills and then jungling will add to your XP, increasing levels in no time. Not only this is advantageous for your carry Lina, but it benefits the overall play, pressuring the enemy heroes and minimizing their winning chances. 

Using BOTs 

Boots of Travel or BOTs is a great way of proving yourself a nice carry in the game. Many players won’t go for BOTs because they don’t need it. They can easily TP/ Teleport to any tower using the Town Portal Scroll. However, BOTs would allow you to engage in the fight right away or when you can spot out an enemy here with low health getting away. 

Using BOTs will help you move around the map more quickly. Moreover, it can somewhat reduce the need for Shadow Blade since you’ll be able to escape the place if in case you aren’t ganked badly. With Linken’s Sphere and BOTs, you can enable quick escape as well as attack throughout the map without any hassle. 

Improve Damage 

If you’re planning on playing Lina as a carry, then you should also focus on improving your damage. Even though Lina’s magical abilities are quite promising, and Laguna Blade can make quite an impactful hit, having base damage increased will prove effective too. For example, there can come a time when using all the core abilities you will still need to continue attacking. 

Even if Fiery Soul can be elevated from the Talent Tree, getting your base damaged increased will surely help in all kinds of attacks. From Monkey King Bar to Desolator and Deadlus can help. 

Improving Resistance 

From Black King Bar to Bloodstone, you can pick up on items that will help improve physical and health resistance. Next, you can also go for Hurricane Pike to improve your chances or escape as well as add into range. Apart from that, if you’re into being a hard carry, then going for Satanic would be a superb choice. 

When activated together, both Satanic and Black King Bar make a great combination of power and performance. You get health generation as well as magic resistance that will give you a slight window of devastating your enemies. 

What to Choose? 

Item building is truly a complex phenomenon when it comes to Dota 2. Same goes for Lina. If you’re having a carry build, you would surely want it to act and proceed like a carry. Mjolnir, Butterfly, Bloodthorn and Eye of Skadi are excellent choices when it comes to playing entirely offensive with Lina. 

If you’re a semi-carry, then it’s better to have some items that would allow you to arrange your escape when things go a little too fishy. Linken’s Sphere, Silver Edge, etc. are the choices that you can pick in this case. In addition, Hurricane Pike would do a great favour in running.  

Enhancing Range 

You get cast range enhancement at Level 10 and attack range enhancement at Level 25. Why not work it out and increase it while you can? Dragon Lance is a great option, which would eventually lead to Hurricane Pike. Apart from that, what if you can stop your enemies from escaping at all? That’s right since Lina is amazing against heroes that are slow such as sniper, you can use this to your advantage by building Diffusal Blade. 

Making Diffusal Blade or Rod of Atos will surely help you bind your enemies even if they’re trying to run after Light Strike Array. Once they’re bound, you can cast all the spells right away while keep attacking since you’ve already got more attack speed with Fiery Soul. 

What Should You Not Do? 

Don’t go alone attacking a tank. That’s something that isn’t going to end well. You’ll probably make way for your escape, but in an extreme case, that’s not going to happen. Apart from that, let others know instantly that you want to play carry with Lina. This will make it clear to others that you’re not playing support so they will make arrangements for themselves. 

But that’s not even necessary. As highlighted earlier, you can easily make supportive items too to help out your mates. But when going in for a carry role, your gameplay will be the reason they’ll survive. 

Stun the hero that you think is going to make the next big move. If you’re getting into a fight, stunning heroes such as Enigma, Earthshaker, Witch Doctor, Crystal Maiden, Tidehunter, etc. can make a viable impact. Not only these heroes won’t be able to use their Ultis but your team can counter-attack, eliminating them right away. View More FiveTech

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