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How To Find Out If My Laptop Is Supported By Windows 10?

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My Laptop Is Supported By Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with several amazing perks that people have benefited from. However, if you want to have the best perks of the Windows 10, you need to know whether or not your laptop is supported by it. Most laptops that are running Windows 7 or above are able to support Windows 10. However, you need to see whether there are drivers available for your laptop model featured on the Window’s website.  

There are times when you will install the latest version or upgrade to the latest version of Windows but won’t be able to run software such as WLAN, mice, headset, etc. This is caused when drivers for running software aren’t downloaded with the new version. It happens because the installation doesn’t feature drivers for the model of the laptop you have. 

In the end, Windows will install basic components and drivers that are needed for running the OS seamlessly. But you’ll need to check out for drivers. In addition, you can purchase driver installation software that will assess and download missing drivers for your laptop according to the Windows 10 version you’ve upgraded or downloaded. 

Keep this in mind while upgrading your existing Windows. If you’re going for a complete renewal and not just upgrading, then it’s better to get everything stored on an external drive. This will help you restore your data as well allow you to install drivers for your laptop that was previously installed. However, check out the drivers that the new version of windows requires so that you can download these with ease.  Visit Store Fivetech

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