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OPPO A72 vs Reno 2z | Which is best for me?

by FiveTech Team

Oppo mobiles have created their own league with versatile features, productive specs, and much more interesting designs. Now when it comes to smartphone comparison, mostly the quest begins with two major rivals. But this time we are comparing two phones from the same brand called Oppo, which is the Oppo A72 and Oppo Reno 2z.

Both the Oppo Reno 2z and A72 come from two different series introduced by Oppo itself. The Oppo A series are dedicatedly built for budget users, while the Oppo Reno series have affordable mobiles as well. But, with Oppo Reno series you get slightly multifaceted displays, unique features, and innovative designs. The Oppo A series, on the other hand, has everything that the user wants in a specific price package. The features included in A series are common but make sure to form a solid combination.

In case, you are bewildered between the two of your preferred mobile phones, here we are with the ultimate comparison.


Reno2 Z A72
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty: 2 Year
OS: ColorOS 6.1, based on Android 9 OS:  ColorOS 7.1, based on Android 10
Processor: MTK MT6779 (P90) Processor: Qualcomm SM6125(SDM 665)
Display: 6.5 | 2340 by 1080 | AMOLED Display: 6.5 | 2400 by 1080 pixels | TFT-LCD
Rear Sensor: 48MP & 8MP & 2MP & 2MP Rear Sensor: 48MP & 8MP & 2MP & 2MP
RAM: 8GB, Storage: 128GB RAM: 4GB, Storage: 128GB
Battery: 4000mAh* Battery: 5000 mAh*
Price: £249.99 Price: £199.99

Specs Comparison Overview

Both the mobile phones have a lot of similar specs on paper but some of them vary a lot from each other. Just like the processor included in the Oppo Reno 2Z is Media Tek Helio P90 and the A72 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665. The storage is same having consisted of the 128GB in both, but the RAM is multiplied in the Reno 2Z. There is also a noticeable battery difference in the mobile phones, while the display size is kept same with 6.5-inch.

Operating System – Software Usage

The operating system used in the Oppo Reno 2z is Color OS 6.1 that is based on Android 9 and is one of the latest OS. The Oppo A72 comes installed with Color OS 7.1 based on Android 10, which is the best and latest OS by Oppo. Straight on point, the Oppo A72 has the better operating system and thus will lead to better overall apps flow. The latest Android 10 based color OS 7.1 is comparatively upgraded and have more options for the common user. So, in this sector Oppo A72 is a clear dominator.

Processor Performance & Speed

The Oppo A72 features a Snapdragon Qualcomm processor SM6125 which has the base frequency of 1.8 GHz and a turbo speed of 2.0 GHz. The Oppo Reno 2Z, on the contrary, is armed with the Media Tek P90 which has same number of threads and cores as the Snapdragon 665. But it has a greater turbo speed of 2.2 GHz, which means you can have better speed performance in the Oppo Reno 2z for some intervals. On an overall basis, these two perform quite similar for variant speed sessions such as loading apps, running games, or streaming videos. In the Geekbench score, the Medio Tek Helio P90 tops with nearly 1500 points more. In the real experimentation, the Oppo Reno 2z won in some scores but mostly both were at the same pace.

RAM & Storage

The RAM in both mobile phones is drastically different. The Oppo Reno 2z has the 8GB RAM, while the Oppo A72 relies on 4GB. This means you will easily find the Oppo Reno 2z to be much better in multitasking and switching between multiple applications. Not just that, the memory is a great support to a processor, so this is an automatic boost in the case of Reno 2z. The storage in both mobile phones is similar leading to a 128GB storage option. In both smartphones, you can find SD card to enhance the storage easily.


The battery that is inserted in the A72 is kept a lot greater than that in the Oppo Reno 2z. If you check on the Reno 2z, the 4000 mAH battery power seems fine enough for all-day usage. But, the Oppo A72 beats it with its 5000 mAH and has a longer lasting time. Both mobiles run with a longer battery period, the A72 wins in the battery runway with its lengthy prevailing time.

Camera – Rear & Front Cameras

Surprisingly, the rear camera setup featured in the Oppo A72 and Oppo Reno 2z is exactly the same. On the back side, there is a quad-camera setup which includes 48 MP as the primary sensor lens. The other three cameras include the wide-camera angle lens and last two remain to be 2MP cameras each for in-depth shots. You might think there is a quality difference kept in both phones, but the specs included are similar. But, with Oppo Reno 2z you can observe the crisp quality to be slightly better with its fps ratio.

When it comes to the front camera of both mobiles, there is one huge dissimilarity in each of these mobile phones. The Oppo Reno 2z has a pop-up selfie camera that is made with an attractive design and a 16MP lens. The Oppo A72 has a top-notch style camera with 16 MP lens as well but there is no pop-up. Both mobiles have same AI-focused camera quality and capture visually appealing photos.

Display – Size, Quality & Design

The size of screens in both Oppo phones is same, which you will find as a 6.5-inch panel. But, the Oppo Reno 2z packs an AMOLED screen panel while the Oppo A72 has the LCD panel. The screen sported by the Reno 2z has a Resolution of 2340 x 1080 but the A72 carries a full HD Resolution of 2400 x 1080. The maximum brightness level of both is also on the same score with 430 nits of brightness. Apparently, the AMOLED screen is much better when it comes to quality and 4k HD graphics. You will enjoy smooth and crisp graphics on Reno 2z relatively with a much better viewpoint. Whether its Netflix or heavy gaming application, the 4k screen is able to exhibit a significantly higher level in terms of visuals.

Price & Availability

The price of Oppo A72 is marked at £199.99, and it comes with aurora purple colour. The Oppo Reno 2z comes with an extra 50 bucks cost bracket, priced at £249.99. So, if you are on a strict budget of 200 pounds, the A72 is available in this price package. However, spending a couple of extra bucks for better overall performance and speed is a wiser choice.

Bottom Line

We hope we have helped you through our detailed comparison list of all the specs and features of Oppo A72 and Oppo Reno 2Z. If you haven’t yet made your decision, you can check them out directly at Oppo UK online store. Plus, the exclusive student discounts on all Oppo smartphones are also easily available on this site.

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