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Review: Lenovo Miix 320 10.1″ Convertible 2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Atom x5

by FiveTech Team

Laptop or tablet, which one to buy? That is the dilemma of many people out there. Tech freaks around the world never seem to make the decision, about which one to get for themselves. Well, why not have the best of both worlds. A convertible 2 in 1 laptop gives you the freedom to enjoy both laptop and tablet experience, at the same time. We know we know, you are about to ask which one is the best for you guys. Stick around and find out.

Lenovo Miix 320 Review

Lenovo Mixx 320 is the best 2 in 1 device you guys will ever come across. It has all the powerful features and specs, to keep you entertained and productive all day long, wherever you are. Let us see what this great 2 in 1 laptop/ tablet is all about.

Lenovo Miix 320 Specs

This 2 in 1 convertible laptop is powered by 1.92GHz Quad core processor. It has a memory of 4GB RAM and a storage space of 64GB. It is Windows 10 compatible, which means you will be getting the best and smoothest interface for all your operations. These specs combine to provide you the best experience. It never slows down even while you are multi-tasking. It is best fit for your casual gaming and everyday tasks.


Miix 320 has a great 10.1 inches display, which gives you cutting-edge display and picture quality. You interact more naturally on this touch screen. You can sketch your imaginations directly form your thoughts to the screen. It provides you the best display for all your viewing pleasures. The colours are sharp and vivid, which let you enjoy your visuals every single time.


This 2 in 1 laptop gives you the freedom to capture your precious moments, and cherish them in HD. It has a 5MP which lets you take HD pictures with smooth colour saturation. In addition to this you get a 2MP front camera, which lets you take beautiful selfies and make video calls, with your friends and family.

Killer Design

With the detachable keyboard, you can just use it as a laptop and take your productivity sky-high. And if you want to get the handheld touch screen tablet experience, then just simply remove the keyboard and use it as you please. Plus, it is also lightweight and easy to carry around. It has a lightweight of just 1kg, which is quite remarkable and lighter than most of its rivals.


With this laptop you get the proper feel of portability, because it has a long-life battery, which will definitely not die on you and provide you the whole day of usage. It can give you almost 10 hours of the battery time with just a single charge.

Lightning-Fast Internet

Miix 320 is equipped with 802.11 ac Wi-Fi, which provides you the fastest internet surfing experience, every single time. It connects in a jiffy and keeps you connected, even while the signals are weak or spotty. It surely lets you surf the internet the way it was meant to be.

Crisp Audio

Dolby Advanced Audio present in this laptop lets you enjoy your music and audio, which is completely crisp and free from distortion. The audio while listening to your songs will feel to move up and around you. You can crank the volume up or use good quality headsets, to enjoy the audio to the fullest.

Bottom Line

Well, this was the review, and we hope it covered all the aspects and factors you needed to know. It gives you the freedom of using it as a laptop or a tablet, depending on your mood and preference. So, makes sure to go to fivetech.co.uk and buy Miix 320, or choose from a wide collection of 2 in 1 convertible laptops.

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