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How to share apps between two Windows 10 laptops?

by FiveTech Team
How to share apps between two Windows 10 laptops

The idea of sharing apps between Windows 10 laptops is intriguing for many. There are a number of benefits that Windows users could enjoy if they were able to do so. Not only you could save time and data charges but would also save money by using a version of the apps which you have already paid for. 

This is a feature that you would expect in the best Windows 10 laptops, right? Sadly, this is a feature that we are still missing in Windows 10 and it seems that Microsoft won’t be including it for a very long time. The reason behind this simple, Software companies won’t be able to generate new leads if such a feature exist. 

Just imagine that you bought an app from a developer or Windows App Store and then started sharing with your friends. Although you would become popular among friends, the developers will lose a boatload of money, thanks to you! 

Why sharing apps between two Windows 10 laptops isn’t possible? 

Unlike smartphones, when you install apps on Windows 10 laptops, they are installed directly. As a result, Windows 10 users don’t have any setups that they can share with another user. The only way possible for you to share apps is if you have the appx files on your Windows 10 laptop. 

How Android users share apps 

As most of us know, sharing apps from one Android mobile phone to another. And the reason why they are able to do so is the same that we have mentioned above.  

Every app that you installed on your smartphone keeps its APK file on your mobile phone. This enables Android users to share and install an app on multiple devices without affecting their data files. The presence of the APK package is why you can share the different application via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. 

Do Chromebooks have app sharing feature? 

One would think that the best Chromebook would have app sharing feature as Android mobile phones. And they should because both Android and Chrome OS are built by Google. Unfortunately, a Chromebook is no different from a Windows 10 laptop when it comes to sharing your apps. 

Can we have this feature soon? 

Despite the advancement of technology, we don’t think that Microsoft would want to include such a feature. This will only cost the developers to lose money that they are earning by selling apps. We could only wish for such a feature in the latest Windows 10 laptops where the next user would at least have access to limited features. Still, it is just a hunch that seems impossible for now. 

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