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How To “Imposter” Your Way In Among Us

by FiveTech Team
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Believe it or not, we all wish to be the imposter in Among Us. It’s actually fun; killing and then deceiving others. What’s even funnier is to see someone else being blamed and then ejected from the ship. But there are many times when you get spotted out from your suspicious behaviour. Well here’s how you can become successful while playing imposter: 


Well, this is obvious; you don’t want to show that you’re the imposter just because you were so eager to use the “Kill” button. That is why ensure that you aren’t on a killing spree and time your kills. In addition, travel through vents carefully because you don’t want to surprise or get surprised by any player. 

Tip! Kill Instantly 

If your kill timer is not on cooldown, and you get spotted, then make sure that you don’t let that crew member getaway. Kill the player as soon as possible or come up with something legit. Though any player reporting your “vent adventure” would surely gain votes against you. 

Don’t Stay Idle Too Long 

If you haven’t recognized yet, there are two types of tasks, short and long. Short ones usually take one step for completion while the long ones can take multiple steps. Admin card swipe, electrical calibration, etc. are short tasks while refuelling, electrical wiring, etc. take multiple steps. 

Crew members will spot you out if you’re taking too long on short tasks. Another thing to consider is to keep a tab on crew members on what kind of tasks they’re doing. You certainly don’t want to fake the task that the crew member just completed. If there are multiple imposters, then keep a distance from your partner so that both of you don’t get spotted. 

Take Control 

Even if you’re looking for the right time to kill, you should take control as soon as the game starts. Move quickly towards different tasks the crew members will do. Admin swipe is the best place to start. But while going there, sabotage the ship to confuse the crew members. This will surely give you several chances for striking at the right time. 

Try Not To Play In Small Numbers 

Although it’s a fast-paced game and you get speed in your legs; however, you’re most likely to be spotted when 1 or 2 players are killed. Apart from that, there’s a high chance that some of the members playing the game are connected (spoilers). So, if you want to have the real fun being an imposter, then play in greater numbers. 

Make Kills to Win 

If you’re playing in short numbers, then go for the kills. Instead of waiting and then convincing others, you should sabotage and kill right away. 

Avoid Reporting 

Even though that’s a great way to remove accusations, you still don’t want to attract attention. After killing, make a move and go to the next area. If you can use the vent, then make sure that no one spots you. In addition, avoid going to that area so that someone else doesn’t see you or stay near the body in case someone else comes and you can report it too. Maybe you’ll get away with it. But if it comes to it, then do report while coming up with something good. 

People Will Believe Anything 

If you’re not using audio chat, then you just need to come up with legit phrases such as “ I saw blue coming out of the vent, I saw green doing admin swipe that I just completed, you came and ran but didn’t report, etc.”  

To be precise, it’s just dumb luck but sometimes, a little persuasion and cunningness would get you to sweet victory so why not? Plus, get yourself the right kind of gaming laptop to play the game anywhere you go.  

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