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Dota 2 Support Guide To Do Things Supportively

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Being supportive is something that makes a person a gem. Well, it’s quite true for the real world as well as for Dota 2. Support players or sometimes called as Player 5 are one of the most important roles that players can engage with in this game. Not only do supports make the play easier for the core players but also keep the balance tilted to their team’s side. But for that, one must have an effective grip on the role. You might have come across several guides for mastering the support role. However, here are some insights that you can consider when you want to ace your role as a support hero: 

Puling Creeps 

Well, this is pretty much understandable. Pulling creep waves is important no matter what role you are playing. However, make it your priority to pull in lanes when you’re playing support. Not only it would bring at least half the creeps to your side but will also allow you to harass the lane. Instead of hiding in the trees, stealing last creep kills or even securing a kill for yourself, which is immensely wrong, you should assist the carry or the tank that is by your side. 

Remember that you’re playing support. Supports are the ones that are the most targeted by enemy heroes. However, playing support means you’re bound to help others farm first. Your turn comes later. Most support players don’t farm too quick. This is to ensure that other heroes in your team get fat to establish control of the game quickly. That is why whenever you’re playing support, go for pulling creep waves and denies. 

Syncing Attacks 

As highlighted earlier, getting a kill from your carry or tank is bad. Why? Because that’s not your role. Your role as a support hero is to secure the kill for others. Consider taking Shadow Shaman or Lina or Crystal Maiden. All these players can secure a kill with last kill using their spells. However, with SS’s Shackles, Lina’s stun and CM’s spells, ensure that your teammate gets the kill.  

Remember that playing support will earn you MMR only when you play like support. Even if the hero you pick has secondary roles, focus on being the support because, at the end of the day, you’ll probably get blamed for being a “not so good” support. 

That is why sync your attacks with your teammate. Look for the hero they’re attacking and focus on that. Meanwhile, you can step up to prevent the other enemy hero in the lane to make it move, if possible. Otherwise, focus on killing one, and then go for the next. Even if you die doing this, your teammate, no matter the role, will probably get a higher XP and so will you. 

Use Supportive Item 

Eul’s Sceptre of Divinity, Smoke of Deceit, etc. AKA support items must be with you. Even if you’re busy making something, keep these with you. While doing this, make sure you’re communicating with the other players. Tell them that you’ve got Smoke of Deceit and you want to gank up on the enemy opponent. Don’t just randomly cast it out, let them hear the plan and then lead the way. Even one kill can help strengthen your team just like pulling one creep from the wave. Do this often and let your teammates know that they’ve got your support. 

Warding Effectively 

Another important thing to do is to ward but what’s even important is to ward it at best locations. The prime locations are the warding hills. However, there are other places you can ward too. For example, if you want to harass a lane or see what’s going in the enemy’s jungle, then warding in the lane far from the tower’s reach can be beneficial. 

Similarly, you can ward your jungles so that enemy heroes don’t gank up on you. Apart from that, you can ward in enemy jungles to see where they are moving in their area. This way you can use the smoke and gank on single heroes easily to get a kill. But make sure to assess the area. You don’t want to ward poorly because running out of stock will need replenishment and poorly placed wards will give you nothing. So next time you go on warding, make sure to consider the location. 

Make Your Death Worth It 

Most support players in the lower bracket are of the idea that since supports die first they might as well die too. That’s wrong since supports have to provide ample firepower for other hero types to work their magic. Even if you’re going to die, make sure to set the stage for other teammates. 

Position Yourself 

While ensuring that you don’t die in vain, make sure to position yourself in the best place, and that is defensive. You don’t go engage enemy heroes head on, but you can lure them onto you without getting caught or even if you do, you can still create an opportunity for others.  

Remember the $6 million Echo Slam? Well, that was immensely a coordinated attack where Ancient Apparition initiated. Whatever you call it, being support, you maintain a safe distance while making sure that everyone gets the kill but you, well, sometimes you too. Even if you’re dying, make sure to use everything you’ve got to deal some damage to enemy heroes. 

But for this point, keep yourself at the right location. Spot out the enemy and run back to regroup. Even if you’re pushing on a lane, get back when other players are returning so that you don’t die in vain. 

Final Thoughts 

When you pick support, you’re kind of submitting your heroes life to other role playing heroes. However, without you, your team loses almost as much as half of their strength. That is why you need to ensure that you’re playing your support role in the right manner to guarantee performance for your role. In the end, winning does depend on teamwork but at least you’ll be able to walk away with MMR for your role. Apart from that, ensure that your gaming laptop or PC don’t bother you during such a stressed game. 

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