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The Ultimate PA Carry Guide Dota 2

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Phantom Assassin or PA is one of the most loved and competitive Dota 2 heroes. Not only this hero comes in easy to play category but if farmed well, is a dangerous carry that can turn tables within an instant. The key here is to get it farmed as the game progress. Her passive Ulti “Coup De Grace” is quite deadly and can inflict critical damage. Here’s a definite guide to how you roast your opponent’s using this PA guide: 

Farming is the key 

Being a carry player, PA has to farm a lot and real quick. This is important since PA uses items that need definite gold. Even though PA can engage in fights during the start of the game but that is only for the mid lane. Going in directly into the fight with a 2 on 1 scenario for PA and you’re most likely die. That is because being a melee hero, PA will get close to enemy heroes, getting in a direct hit.  

Moreover, tanks such as Axe, Bristleback, Pudge, etc. will most likely inflict most hits, making it a losing situation for PA. Let’s not forget PA doesn’t have enough base hp that can help her out. Let’s not forget the creeps that will most likely attack you when you will use phantom strike and attack the enemy. Since the enemy is away from the attacking range of your creeps, you won’t get additional help. 

That is why PA needs to farm as soon as possible. From last hits to jungling, playing PA will need different ways of farming so that you can accumulate gold needed for making the necessary items. 

Items-Choose Well 

Most players often go for heavy build items in order to make their PA stronger. For PA, that’s desolator, Battle Fury, Skull Basher, etc. However, one thing important here is farming. If you’re a good farmer and have been farming really well with other carries, then go for it. In case you feel troubled in farming with PA, it’s better to go with items that would help you sustain a fight.  

Morbid Mask, Phase Boots, Helm of the Dominator, etc.  are some items that you can surely make when you’re having trouble in farming PA. These items will surely help you in securing your position as well as sustain yourself when diving in a fight. While doing this, you can consider buying some items that would later be used to build Core items. 

For example, you can buy items for Monkey King Bar if you want more cleave damage with the help of your Ulti. On the other hand, you can surely go for Mithril Hammer and Blight Stone from Desolator or Broadsword from Battle Fury. 

Plan & Progress 

Item building and farming may be important, but you should know how you will progress in the game. This is based on enemy heroes. PA is strong against heroes such as Sniper, Skywrath Mage, etc. On the other hand, heroes such as Phantom Lancer, Pudge, etc. hold power over PA. 

That is why your item building should be based on what heroes does the enemy team has. Make sure you make your items likewise. For example, Desolator makes PA’s passive Ulti stronger, giving more chance for inflicting cleave damage, passing the armour. On the other hand, Abyssal Blade makes it easier for gripping on the heroes that can escape. Continuous strikes will keep Skull Basher activated, giving you more chances to finish the hero before it escapes. 

That is why you should know what heroes are in the enemy team to go for the items that will suit the best as the game progress in late-game. Remember, PA is a carry, and a well-farmed PA can surely bring the game in your bag if played well. 

Go BKB! 

One of the most effective items that make PA truly a deadly assassin is Black King Bar or BKB. One thing that can ruin your game is being stopped via magic. Not only BKB minimizes oncoming magic attacks but opens up a slight window for PA to devastate the enemy lines. 

That is why, when you think you’ve got the hold of the mid-game and want to push on the enemy lanes, go for BKB build. This will help you engage in fights securely. Get support on your side and go for the fight. It would be better if your tank engages but you can even engage using Stifling Dagger. At level 4, it makes PA a ranged hero, giving a ranged attack ability by throwing the dagger from a distance. 

Keeping this in mind, a stun from Tidehunter or Lina, BKB activated on PA and you can slaughter the entire enemy line without any hassle. Given that enemy heroes don’t activate their BKB and escape from your core attacks, this is surely the trick to it. 

Get Support 

Even though PA can dive into the battel on her own but getting a support hero’s help will surely secure your kill. From rooting to stunning, counters can be minimized by support heroes, which will help you kill the enemy in no time. Moreover, support can also take care of other enemy heroes approaching the fight until you finish killing the one in front of you. 

Rest assured when you’re focusing on someone, supports and tanks will hold other enemy heroes while creating openings. One thing to focus here is that you need BKB activated during this time. Not for the stunned hero but for the ones that are entering the fight zone. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, there isn’t a definite way of playing your favourite hero. We saw Topson use Diffusal with Gyrocopter last year. So, even if you’re playing PA, and think that you can come up with somewhat great item combinations, then go for it. However, keep these points in mind while playing PA to maintain a hold on the match and not smash your gaming laptop with the stress of continuous defeats. 

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