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How To Carry Like A Pro In Dota 2-Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

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Dota 2 is one of the exciting strategy games that is well-reputed in the esports industry. From taking control of different heroes to playing multiple roles, there’s a lot to do in the game. However, it’s not just about picking a player randomly and playing whatever you want. Ranked matches now carry extreme rules, enforcing situational plays on the players depending on the type of hero they pick. 

From each role, carries are the ones that many players feel issue to play with. Carries are the playmakers as they carry the team from beginning to the victory. There are several ways that a carry hero can be played. However, here are some tips that will help you play carry hero like a pro: 

Focusing on Creep Aggro 

Most of the players already know what creep aggro is. For those who don’t know that, creep aggro means attracting the upcoming enemy creep wave towards yourself. As much as suicidal it sounds, it’s really helpful, especially for a carry that needs to farm fast. Getting creep aggro is important but it’s easier said than done. 

Remember you’re not playing against bots and other players will not just let you get away with the farm so easily. If you’re getting the aggro so will the other player. However, what’s important is to get the right farm from it. If you’re someone who is facing farming issues and needs to develop MMR, then practising aggro is the best thing to do. 

You don’t need to practice it in a real match; instead, you can practice this with bots and learn to get creep aggro. Once you’ve mastered it to an extent, you can take the game to a higher level and try it in a ranked match with a good carry. 

Fight Time 

As much as we remember Obito Uchiha’s words regarding abandoning your friends, it’s better to keep Naruto and Dota apart. There are times when you need to engage with the enemy heroes when your tank steps up in the game. However, if you want to have an effective carry role, then it’s better to skip the fight and push on towers while farming from creep waves. 

As much risk as it sounds, if you do it well, you can gain quite the farm since enemy heroes won’t be engaging you. Moreover, you will also get your hands on an additional farm from orange and red jungle camps, giving you a strategic boost mid-game. 

Choosing the Right Carry 

Another important thing is to choose the right carry. We’ve got Spectre, Luna, Slark, and so forth list of carries. However, it’s not about choosing which is the right carry; rather knowing what carry you can play in the right manner. You must practice heroes because, at the end of the day, the enemy team is surely going to ban your favourite hero. 

That is why pick the carry hero that comes with less complexity, in case you aren’t familiar with their skills and gameplay. On the other hand, ensure that you explore additional guides for the carry hero that you often play with. This helps to bring something new for the opponents, surprising them every time just like in chess. 

Map Movement 

As much as everyone would say that it’s important, it really does matter a lot and most low MMR players often neglect this. What map movement means is mirroring how your opponent moves. Understand what they’re trying to do because they’re doing the same. When getting aggro, they’ll know what you’re trying and will try to counter it.  

On the other hand, know what enemy heroes are capable of when they can farm. So, your priority should either be farming first and taking control or not letting the enemy hero to farm. That is why ensure that you know how the map is moving and how enemy players are moving on the map. This is something that is quite important for a carry and can considerably help the team win. 


There’s no “hitting the Goliath with a pebble,” theory in Dota 2. You don’t want to take an under farmed carry in front of a full-fledged farm tank such as Bristle Back. That guy is going to demolish you in no time. That is why ensure that you pick the enemy hero of your size or someone close to your size.  

Even if the enemy tank is quite fat, you should head out for the hero that seems to be the least troublesome. Target that enemy to get a kill and get your carry farmed. This will not only tilt the battle in your side but eliminate enemy heroes so that you can focus on the tank. Remember that you only have a slight window so whomever you want to target should be done within that window. 

Keep One Eye On The Mini-Map 

This is quite important, especially if you want to play as a hard carry. As defined by your name, you need to do everything to carry your teammates towards success. That is why you need to ensure that you’re present where trouble sprouts. That is why being a carry you need to farm fast because you cannot depend on the support of supporting you through all the game. 

Support players get the least farm and they’re the most vulnerable when it comes to mid and late game. You need to get control of the game and make sure that supports get the farm mid-game. That is why make sure to keep an eye on the mini-map so that you can assist your mates as much as possible. Although this may contradict the “avoiding the fighting rule,” still, you’ll at least get an idea of what is happening in the game. 

Final Thoughts 

Well here it is, these are some of the tips that you can consider while playing carry in Dota 2. These aren’t the definite rules that you should bind with yourself. However, they do provide favourable results that you can use to improve your carry game. Apart from that, here are some of the best gaming laptops for running Dota 2 seamlessly. 

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