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Which phone is best for parents?

by FiveTech Team
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Making the best choice for a smartphone that you are buying for your parents is a careful task. The mobile phone that you choose must allow them to operate the phone without any help. As the world is now more inclined towards technology, it is equally essential to make your parents the part of it. Although, most of the senior citizens like parents have now been much aware of the latest technology, getting them a good phone is a lovely sign of being their child.

There is a massive variety to select from when you are going for a specific purpose. However, finding a phone that serves the best functionality for seniors will justify your responsibility as the child. The fancier phones with flashy and versatile features are there to glorify the eyes and suit demanding users. But in case of parents, you need to get into the mobile phone that is aptly suitable for parents. For example, a large screen, emergency calling, easy-to-use feature and a lot more. In this article, we are especially focusing on the best android phones that don’t overwhelm your parents but comfort them. Before that, it is viable that you know which features to particularly look for when buying 5g smartphones for parents.

Important Features in the Mobile Phones for Parents

Large Buttons and Easy Touchscreen:  Whether or not your parents have used any mobile phone before, a smaller font layout can be difficult to read. Having a phone that has big buttons and font will help the parent to use it conveniently without facing eye difficulty. So, you must look for the setting or feature in your phone that has easy touch, increasing font size choice and visible interface.

Big and Bright Screen: The large and bold screen of your mobile phone will make things a lot easier for seniors. A small, tiny screen and dim display will definitely cause issues for elders to read into the mobile or view it. Regardless of the fact that few might also suffer from poor eyesight, it is right to choose a phone with large and evident display. If your parents have visual impairment, a large display with higher contrast will help them using the mobile with utmost ease.

Loud Audio (Speakers and mic): The loud and clear sound of the phone is one of the important features that the smartphone must possess. If your parents love watching movies or videos, and need to make routine calls, you will definitely need to get a good speaker phone. Plus, the microphone is equally important so they can communicate much more effectively with everyone regularly.

Speed Dial or SOS Button: The most crucial feature added into the smartphone for parent has to be the automates SOS button or structured speed dial. This is helpful if there is any medical emergency or the elder is disabled to find calling numbers easily. The speed dial or emergency button will allow the user to not get into the fuss of contacts list and press it for immediate usage.

Solid Battery Life: The longer running mobile phone is a better option to for your parents whether they use it more or less. A smartphone that runs longer than the daytime should be an ideal choice for every parent. Of course, none of your parents should face difficulty in emergency. If the mobile is dead when needed the most, it is always a trouble. The lasting battery life makes it easy for every parent to use their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Nice Camera

A good quality camera smartphone is always a bliss, even for the parents in today’s age. Taking good photos and videos for memories is always a pleasure, even for any of your parent. Whether it is about family pictures or everyday videos, a smart choice for camera can put huge smiles on your parents face.

OPPO Find X2


Storage 256GB ROM
Display 120Hz | 6.7 inches | OLED | 93.1% | 3168*1440 (3K QHD+)
GPU Adreno 650
Operating System ColorOS 7.1 based on Android 10.0
Front Camera 32MP Selfie Camera
Rear Camera  48MP, 12MP, 13MP


Qualcomm Snapdragon 865
Battery Capacity   2*2100mAh

 The OPPO Find X2 makes a solid choice for parents, even though it is a little on the expensive side. But, the excellent specs and usability makes it worth the bill. With its additional features and modes, your parents can have the best facility to use it like a pro.

This android phone comes with the large screen of 6.7-inch that delivers QHD+ Resolution of 3168*1440. Watching 3k and 4k videos, movies is much more fun on it, especially with the LED touch that is easy for the fingers. There is no fuss in the design and the build feels quite premium but easy to hold and carry around. No matter if you are giving it as a gift, it will look and feel amazing.

For Parents, there are quite several modes like easy mode that allows the interface to be easier than ever. Seemingly, it is one of the most powerful displays from OPPO phones that you will find the tech market. The massive storage and RAM make it an even better choice to store anything and multitask when needed. Your parents can download huge number of videos from family groups or whichever they find informative Plus, there is no chance that the mobile gets slow due to unusual lag issues and RAM pressure. The processor of Snapdragon 865 adds to the speed so even if two people use it, there will be absolutely no issue.

In addition, the OPPO Find X2 offers a convenient layout with bigger fonts and simpler layout for your parents to understand. There is also voice control that can be easily operated for any activity. Plus, you will also find security features in this 5G smartphone that will be of great help for any senior person using the phone. Overall, the Find X2 is a classic flagship phone that comes with a wholesome variety of features and specs.

OPPO Reno4 5G


Front Camera 32MP + 2MP
Rear Camera 48MP, 8MP, 2MP
Display 6.4” | 90.7% | 2400*1080 pixels (FHD+) | 60Hz
Graphics Adreno™ 618
Operating System ColorOS 7.2, based on Android 10
Storage   128GB ROM
Processor   Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G | 2.4GHz | 8 cores
Battery 4000mAh
Weight   183g

 The OPPO Reno4 5G is a reasonably solid option that is packed with all the necessary features. But an even good factor is its appealing look and solid build that anyone must enjoy. If you are looking for an affordable power within usable features, then this is the best choice.

Not just good-looking, but this 5g smartphone is more of reliable edition of power and comfort. It comes with the desired specs allowing everyday casual activities to be performed easily. The solid curvy plastic frame combined with the glass front provides the phone an elegant look. One can easily hold it without the fear of slipping from hands or due to excessively slimy shiny surface. Plus, it isn’t too heavy or thick so your parents will be able to hold it conveniently.

The punchy AMOLED screen comes with a 6.4-inch display and there is a fingerprint scanner built in the display. You can unlock with fingerprint sensor and there is also an available option for face unlock. The display is armed with the full HD+ Resolution of 2400 x 1080, and you get a fantastic contrast ratio of 800,000:1. The overall viewing experience on this android smartphone is a delight so if your parents love watching movies, this is a good option.

Another best feature of the smartphone is its significant battery life of 4000 mAH. No matter how much surfing your parents like, this phone will at least last one day longer. The camera is good, not excellent, and so is a great option for all the parents out there who need to enjoy selfies and scenery photos. The easy-to-read interface and bright bold colours of the phone make it a more suitable option for senior citizens.

Bottom Line

With this article, we have listed our two most preferrable options for smartphones for parents. If you were overwhelmed with the thought of the perfect selection for an android phone for parents, here we are making things easier for you. Parents deserve the best, and when it comes to technology you should not go beyond the unneeded choice. But underestimating the technology usage these days is also not applicable. So, you must get your hands on the best 5g android phones with a wiser selection.

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