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The New NVIDIA RTX 3070 Has Joined The Ampere With A Kick-Ass Speed

by FiveTech Team

Innovation is leading the market, and tech companies are making significant progress in creating new ways to improve and boost the overall performance. Most recently it was unveiled that Nvidia is coming up with the innovation that is bound to rewrite the history of gaming GPUs. Considering the focus of Nvidia, the new GPU series can prove to be epic and stunning in performance compared to its predecessors.

The new Ampere series of GPUs has been introduced at the starring of September 2020. The new generation is also known as Ampere featured competitive GPUs that made quite an entrance. However, one of the many reasons that the new RTX 3070 GPU is appealing is because of its high-end speed at 2 times less price than the RTX 2080.

Apart from that it comes equipped with 8GB GDDR6 memory that supports this for an outstanding graphical display. Although the memory may be low than the 11GB featured by RTX 2080Ti; however, it doesn’t compromise on quality.

Another important element is the increased amount of Tensor FLOPS that makes it efficient in workability. It comes with 40 RT TFLOPS and 163 Tensor TFLOPS. The increase in the amount of TFLOPS makes them RTX Ampere a viable choice because it comes equipped with the right power and performance made for intensive gaming.

The intriguing element about the RTX series is that it comes with a 12-pin power connector. This is the innovative design that has helped Nvidia to reduce size while maximising the processing speed. It comes with 512Gb/s bandwidth and has a memory bus of 256-Bit. Moreover, it can provide 16GB/s of memory speed that makes it even more competitive than the previous GPUs.

Apart from that, you get a boosted clock speed of 1730Mhz that makes it outstanding in the performance. People are anxiously waiting for the official release of this GPU as well as others in its tiers. The RTX 3070 is bound for official releasee in October and is anticipated to cost $499.

What’s left to see is how well does this amazing GPU model offer the performance that has been focused upon by Nvidia so much. If it turns out the way NVidia says, modern games will run smoothly without any hassle.

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