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Best Gaming Monitors Under £200 With Buying Guide

by FiveTech Team
Gaming Monitors Under £200

The pleasure of gaming comes with performance and display. You need to have a gaming laptop that offers stunning appeal as well as performance on the go. In case you can’t seem to find one or you’re in love with gaming PCs, then finding a gaming monitor is of utmost importance. 

Your gamin monitor should come ready for catering your needs of intensive graphical accuracy. Apart from that, it should offer maximum appeal and high-end integrations so that you may enjoy the best of your gaming experience without any issue. 

How To Choose The Right Gaming Monitor? 

Finding the right kind of gaming monitor at an affordable rate can be a hassle. Here’s what to know before buying the right kind of a gaming monitor: 

Screen Size 

Make sure to decide before the purchase the screen size that you want to buy. It’s not that you should only go for a larger screen. The screen size of 24” is more than enough to give you a great display.  

Refresh Rate 

The screen refresh rate is important because this is what enables you to experience the best and immersive graphics. In addition, you get better graphical performance since the screen gets refreshed with the latest frames within no time. The greater the screen refresh rate, the better the visual output will be. 

Response Rate 

Combined with the refresh rate, the screen that you’re choosing should provide an effective response time. The response time shows how well the screen will respond when an action is made. That is why you should choose the one that comes with the least response rate. Nowadays you can easily find different monitors that come with the least response rate. 

Brightness and Colour Gamut 

Although you’re not going to use your gaming monitor outside; still you need assurance for brightness so that you don’t face any issue playing games in dark mode. Apart from that, you should opt for the gaming monitor that comes with at least above 90% sRGB colour coverage. Not only this would allow you to get an immersive experience, but better colour coverage means you don’t have to worry about missing out on details. 

Now that you know the main factors that you should choose when buying a gaming monitor, here are some of the best gaming monitors under £200 that you can surely opt for: 

HP OMEN X 25f 

Starting the list with this HP gaming monitor. Featuring 24.5” FHD display, the HP OMEN X 25f comes with exciting features that make it a superb choice for gaming. It features 244Hz screen refresh rate, 4x faster than the traditional 60Hz monitors.  

Apart from that, it features AMD FreeSync technology and comes with 1ms response time that allows immaculate display. No need to worry about lags, visual tears or stutters because this amazing gaming monitor provides the amazing visual experience that you’ll love. Lastly, it comes with a micro-edge bezel design that would look stunning. You also get a display port, HDMI, and a USB 3.0 port with it.  

HP OMEN X 27 Quad HD 

Another amazing gaming monitor is the HP OMEN X 27 Quad HD gaming. It features a 240Hz screen refresh rate that will ensure crispy details that you’ve always wanted. Apart from that, you get AMD FreeSync 2 technology that will reduce visual lags as well as provide DCI P3 90% colour gamut that will bring vibrant results. 

Another important element about it is the twice pixel density compared to ordinary monitors. It also comes with HDMI port, 1 display port, and 2 USB ports. The responsive HDR gameplay allows syncing refresh rate that reduces tears.  

The OMEN Command Centre provides control so that you may customize the settings according to your needs. You also get a 130mm range of travel that can be gained by adjusting the monitor. 

Lenovo ThinkVision S24q-10 

The Lenovo ThinkVision S24-10 comes with a 23.8” screen and several special perks that make it a superb choice for your gaming desktop PC. For starters, the IPS panel comes with QHD anti-glare display that offers 4-5ms response rate and 60Hz refresh rate. From high visuals to excellent graphical accuracy, you can get superb gaming done without any hassle.  

Apart from that, it comes with great viewing angles that provide superb coverage. When it comes to safeguarding your eyes from long term exposure to screens, you get to enjoy blue light coverage, which protects your eyes from harmful exposure. It’s best suited for small businesses; however, using it for gaming won’t be optimal as the refresh rate is low for a gaming monitor

ASUS ROG Swift PG3349Q 

The ASUS ROG Swift is an amazing gaming monitor that you can surely opt for. Featuring 34” curved ultra-wide IPS display, it comes with 120Hz refresh rate and response rate below 4ms. In addition, this amazing gaming monitor features Nvidia g-sync technology that offers the seamlessness you’ve always wanted for gaming. 

Its time you amp up your gaming experience with its real-time sync technology with your GPU via Aura Sync. The customizable light signature allows you to set the appeal for gaming and ultra-low blue light technology protects your eyes from exposure to the screens. 

Closing Note 

Choosing the right gaming monitor is important. You don’t want to mess up your game just because your monitor doesn’t come with effective features. That is why you can either pick from the aforementioned ones or look for the right one using the guide mentioned above. 

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