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Review: Lenovo ThinkPad E495 14″ Business Laptop AMD Ryzen 7

by FiveTech Team

The Lenovo Thinkpad E495 is an affordable addition to the Lenovo Thinkpad series, most probably as a business laptop. But the inclusion of AMD processor instead of the expected Intel had us wondering about the change Lenovo tried. To our pleasant surprise, the AMD version of Lenovo Thinkpad performs better than the Intel one. However, some other specs could be a roller coaster for some of the users. This 14-incher might be convenient for a lot of consumers, and on the same end, you might point out the minor slowdowns. We are digging right into the Lenovo Thinkpad E495 review to clear out your perceptions in case you are thinking to buy it. 

Specs Sheet 

  • AMD Ryzen 7 Processor | 2.30 GHz  
  • 14-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 Resolution 
  • 8 GB RAM  
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics 
  • 512GB SSD storage 
  • Windows 10 Professional OS 

Display – Matte IPS Panel 

Thanks to the latest technology, Lenovo included an IPS panel in its display of Thinkpad E495. The equipment of IPS instead of TN panel is a way better option when it comes to the good-quality screen. The 14-inch screen included here comes packed with full HD display and a Resolution across 1920 x 1080 pixels. The angles from various distances are comfortable as we have IPS situated here. However, the maximum brightness that is offered by this screen is 250 nits, which isn’t that impressive. The contrast ratio on the other side is brilliant which is 1500:1, so the subjects on the display are good.  

Performance – Better than Intel? 

You might not be completely confident, but according to our tests, the AMD processor power-packed in the Thinkpad E495 performed better. Lenovo has included AMD Ryzen 7 processor that is a perfect contender when it comes to intensive multitasking. In this laptop, the processor is paired with a powerful RAM and SSD combination. You will be getting an 8GB RAM that couples with the 512GB solid-state drive storage to enhance overall speed.  

The performance of this Thinkpad demonstrated that business users can perform all tasks of the day without any lag. The memory capacity equipped in this Thinkpad boosts the hard drive so that the demanding users can easily get through serious tasks. 

The graphics are not dedicated, but the on-board graphics are more than enough in case you don’t need a laptop for gaming or high-level multimedia usage. If you, however, are in the search of budget gaming or media laptop, this doesn’t offer the right graphics for that. But, for movies, presentations for office, the graphics are decent. 

Build & Design – Basic 

Nobody has talked about the build quality or design of the Lenovo Thinkpad E495. If you are interested to know, then let us start with the basic material used in its body. There is nothing unique that is implemented in the design of this Thinkpad. You get a plastic body majorly, but the top is made with sleek aluminium. The lid can be easily opened with hand and the hinge feels sturdy. However, it doesn’t feel rich to hold or view the build, in fact you might feel cheap if you are into better design cases. However, the textured finish feels really nice if you get used to it. 

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The battery life of Thinkpad E495 isn’t greatly impressive, but not bad at all. The battery power of 45 Wh lasts longer than its previous edition i.e. Lenovo Thinkpad E490. You get 8 hours of battery life, which is good considering the usual office hours. You can say that this laptop can stay alive most of the times throughout the day. So, you wouldn’t have any major worrisome time for plugging the laptop again.  


On an overall basis, the Lenovo Thinkpad E495 is an ideal laptop for office routine or business users. It gets you a simplistic system with decent battery life, efficient performance, and likeable features except for a bit cheaper plastic build. We are convinced that this laptop can fulfil medium to somewhat higher-intensity tasks, in case you are technical. To get finance offers on this laptop, you can also check out the official Five Tech UK store

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