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Best laptops for FL Studio available on FiveTech

by FiveTech Team

It’s past that time when only a specific high-quality hardware was used to generate music, mixing notes and making a professional song. All music producers would now agree to the fact that now besides having an ultimate hardware setup, there are multiple software tools that can take your music production to next level. FL Studio proves to be one of those high-in-demand music softwares that can meticulously solve every music riddle with its operation. You can mix, produce, master and record audio without greater hassle and much more convenience.

Important Factors for Using FL Studio

Using FL Studio requires having a laptop that comes with a greater storage, an advanced processor efficiency and a solid RAM. This music software enlists many features that can take your music beat to next level and help creating a successful music tune easily. So, you will have to need important features and specs that are up to mark for using this software.

Powerful RAM & SSD

The foremost feature combo that your laptop should include in its system is the RAM and solid-state drive pairing. Having a laptop that is greater than 4GB RAM and an SSD storage of at least 256GB is the initial requirement. But the priority remains to be having a laptop that contains 8GB or more RAM, combined with the 512GB storage.

Advanced Processor

A laptop with latest processor is mandatory to have if you are going to use FL studio in your laptop. The modern processor largely helps in better processing speed so you can compose your music files faster than one can imagine.

High-Quality Audio

Having to work along a music software surely demands that your laptop has the best sound quality ever. Whether you talk about speakers, microphone or headset audio quality, the sound should be utterly best to get amazing results.

A well-equipped Display

Having an immersive display might not seem as important to you. But, while using the software, you would have to view the notes and graphic representation more clearly. And, for that acquiring a high-quality IPS Screen is a must.

Laptops List for FL Studio

ASUS ZenBook Duo 14

Intel Core i7 Processor – 1.80 GHz | 14 in | 1920 x 1080 FHD | 512GB SSD | Dedicated Graphics | Windows 10 Home | 16 GB RAM

Searching for a remarkably powerful laptop for your DAW practice? The ASUS ZenBook Duo 14 is one of the ASUS laptops that packs all high-capacity features which validate to be super-efficient for FL Studio. It features an Intel Core i7 processor that clocks off with the maximum turbo speed of 4.9 GHz. This processing speed is brilliant enough to run any kind of demanding software, whether you work on it all-day long.

The solid-state drive storage of 512GB makes a solid pairing with 16GB RAM, to deliver an impressive speed for running FL Studio. On the contrary, you also get NVIDIA dedicated graphics for immersive visuals on your screen and 1080 pixels display.

 HP Spectre x360

Intel Core i7 – 2.60 GHz Processor | Dedicated Graphics | Windows 10 Home | 15.6 in | 16 GB RAM | 512GB SSD

Who doesn’t know about HP’s latest power beast? In case, you do not know, the HP Spectre x360 empowers every activity that is conducted on the FL Studio software with strong features. From hosting a spectacular 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD combination to inserting dedicated graphics, this HP laptop is a pro. The processor, at core, is the latest Intel Gen Core i7 processor that turns out to be speedy for smoothly storing, processing, and producing music files.

This laptop isn’t just a convertible touchscreen laptop but comes with exceptionally rich and clear audio quality. The micro-edge display, corning Gorilla glass quality makes the screen exhibit plentiful visuals along with NVIDIA dedicated graphics.  

 Lenovo Legion Y540-17IRH

Intel Core i5 – 2.60 GHz Processor | 16 GB RAM | 512GB SSD | Dedicated Graphics | Windows 10 Home | 17.3 in | 1920 x 1080

If you haven’t still heard about the Lenovo Legion Y540, this is not just a solid gaming laptop but encapsulates every feature for high-level tasks. The Lenovo Legion could be the best contender for FL Studio music software, having included the massive IPS 17.3-inch screen. At the core, Lenovo has featured the latest core i5 processor with 4.5 GHz turbo speed in this Lenovo laptop. Moreover, the 16GB RAM complies impressively with the 512GB SSD, to get multitasking flow smooth as ever.

The best part about owning a Lenovo Legion laptop is that you can easily display 4k HDR graphics on this laptop. Now, everyone knows that 4k display panel is incomparable when it comes to quality and immersive visuals.

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