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Review: Philips 273V7QJAB 27″ Full HD LED Monitor Response Time 5 ms

by FiveTech Team
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A standard desktop monitor cannot always be seen fancier from the outside, and basic from the inside. The standard Philips monitors are just premium devices with very mediocre built-in functions. You can expect more from a very simplistic looking Philips’s computer monitor. The Philips 273V7QJAB has a budget cost to get into anybody’s ownership. However, with its quality display and exempted combination of specs, you can expect more than it exhibits.

This Philips 273V7QJAB monitor review shall determine the essential factors and how well this monitor can perform. It can be either your next gaming monitor, or the one for professional or casual everyday use.


Screen Size: 27 in

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

Response Time: 5 ms

Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Video Inputs: DisplayPort

Wireless Port: HDMI

Beginning with the Design & Build

The all-black Philips 273V7QJAB looks very simple and clean from outside. The first glimpse of this monitor may feel like it could have very less features or the specs are lower. But the touch and feel are much more than that. No doubt, it is a perfect all-round display with 27 inches sized screen. The slim design and compact form of it makes it much easier to move around and adjust on your desk.

There are ultra-narrow bezels that surround the display giving it a wider view. Just when you view the screen from up-close or far away , the thinner side bezels give the effect of wide screen. The size of the monitor is ideally suitable for multi-screen adjustments whether you need to set up gaming monitors or extra devices. Only the bottom chin of the display is a little bit thicker, and the other three bezels are thinned entirely. There is also a stand on which the monitor is placed with the bezel distance of 4cm. It is not rotatable to a very flexible extent, but you can move the stand from -5 to 20+ degrees. There is also an LED power indicated that you would observe on the lower side of the right hand.

Performance – Resolution, Quality, Colour Contrast

Firstly, the good news with the Philips 273V7QJAB is that you get an LED IPS panel. This means no more strictness of TN Panel where you could have to restrict to certain angles. The IPS screen is great for comfortable and flexible viewing angles, especially if you binge watching. There is a full HD Resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is better for every situation, even if you are a creative user, technical, or a professional.

Philips has included anti-glare coating in its screen which makes it less damaging for the head or eyes. You do not get any strain on the eyes even if you are watching the monitor for longer periods. The response time of 5 milliseconds of the screen makes this monitor reasonably fast. You can switch between multiple windows and programs quite easily. Plus, the colour rendering turns out to be good enough. However, for top-tier delivery you will have to look out for expensive options.

Connectivity & ports

The ports selection of the Philips 273V7QJAB has a good choice for regular usage. You have standard HDMI ports, DV and VGI ports as well. Even though, monitors are not supposed to have any extra ports, this one has a great additional port if you can’t use the CPU. There are also built-in speakers and microphone available which you can easily connect. The fuss of cables is always irritating when you have to go all the way back to connect it to the CPU. And so having the essential connectivity in your monitor is best. With this Philips monitor, this is one of the good news.


The Philips 273V7QJAB is an affordable monitor that delivers the best value for its money. As already mentioned, its standard features have it all that you require in daily usage. If you are best with full HD Resolutions and 5 ms response time, this can be your ideal option. It is also a great option for budget-minded users who have been looking out for the best basic option.

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