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Oxygen OS 11: Released With The Latest Android 11

by FiveTech Team

With the launch of Android 11, OnePlus released its Oxygen OS 11 as well, finally after teasing the features of its next android skin. It’s recorded as a significant update and the first open beta update comes with some of the amazing features. 

Brand New Interface 

Featuring the new interface related to Samsung’s One UI, it comes with great design update that makes it one-hand accessible. More space between menu items and change in location of elements has also occurred.  

Apart from that, it’s coming with an always-on display that many users demanded. This would allow the users to finally view time or notifications without completely waking up their phone. Plus, it also comes with different ambient designs that one can choose. You can even use its original ambient display functionality that would increase battery life. The dark mode has been improved with some major tweaks. 

These tweaks have been made to improve visibility for elements and fonts. The use of grey hue improves visibility. It also comes with dark mode scheduling that will allow configuring schedule for toggling between different modes. 

New Apps 

Apart from that interface, its featuring new apps with updates in the first-party software. Gallery will feature weekly stories using photos and videos that the user had clicked in the past week. 

In addition, the Zen Mode will feature three new themes. The weather app will focus more on current day analytics and will also feature precipitation predictions. The information-centric display will give accurate insights as much as possible, though location should be enabled for getting accuracy. 

Moreover, it’s coming with the features of Android 11. This means that Oxygen OS 11 will have the perks of Android 11 as well as blend updates from its OS. Users with OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro can use this update since it’s now in the open beta stage. Get full insight here

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