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Apple Watch 6: A Much Better Smartwatch Than Apple Watch 5?

by FTblog
Apple Watch 6

Expected to be released in the mid of September 2020, the Apple Watch 6 is expected to come with outstanding features. From a change in the design to additional perks, this amazing watch is coming packed with outstanding specs that one can think of. 

Moreover, the iPhone 12 is also bound to be released alongside this. But the more focus is on how this innovation is going to offer to outclass performance. For starters, the Apple Watch 6 is coming with a better battery life that would make it a highly dependable tech.  

With increased battery, sleep tracking feature can also be included. Speaking of tracking, the Apple Watch 6 is set to see more accurate fitness features that would give accurate readings for fitness enthusiasts that don’t want to go out without it. 

Apart from that, we’re expecting a dimmer option that would allow reducing the light for the screen, making it comfortable to be used at night. The always-on option for Apple Watch 5 made it uncomfortable to see the menu. However, the Apple Watch 6 is set to do something about it so that the menu and the front screen can be made more accessible. 

As highlighted earlier, the Apple Watch 6 is set to do something about the long made demand of the customers for sleep tracking. In addition to that, it is set to feature not only sleep tracking but also improved syncing. Improved syncing will allow syncing data reliably. Syncing was done only on charging or when near the phone in Apple Watch 5. So Apple Watch 6 is expected to have a better way of doing it. 

It’s also expected to come with a circular shape instead of the traditional square shape. The reason is that the Apple Watch 5’s design is similar to Apple Watch 4, which makes it untrendy. However, it’s a major innovation and hoping that Apple actually considers it would be truly amazing. Overall, everything is set for Apple Watch 6’s release, which will show what’s coming with the new watch. 

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