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The GoPro Hero 9 Black is Releasing Soon: Could it be the best Action-Camera?

by FTblog

GoPro is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to small frame action cameras. The company has a tradition of releasing a new flagship camera either in September or October. And during the last decade, we have so far seen eight Hero Black cameras. 

It seems like GoPro is trying to keep up with its tradition despite the ongoing pandemic situation. We have heard the speculations that a new model of Hero Black Action Camera is due, and the recent leaks have confirmed the news. Rumours are that the company is going to release the Hero 9 Black very soon. 

What GoPro is updating in the Hero 9 Black? 

There is a little info about what exactly GoPro is going to introduce in the new model. Despite the big curtain over its new features, there is a leak that we could expect an upgraded front-facing screen. The rumours suggest that GoPro is launching a front-facing screen which is more suitable for vlogging. 

Colour panel display with a large battery 

Another leaked image of its box reveals that the new front screen could be a colour panel. In previous models, we have seen a traditional monochrome display, so this is a big improvement. It simply means that you would be able to use the new Hero 9 Black for video previews. 

Simply put, the new GoPro Hero 9 Black could be used as a waterproof vlogging camera like the DJI Osmo Action. Another good news is that the flagship Hero 9 Black is going to feature a much bigger battery life. Apparently, it would have a 1,720mAh capacity battery which is almost 40% bigger than its predecessors. 

What more we could expect? 

As per leaked images, GoPro has also enhanced the camera sensor on the new Hero 9 Black. Instead of the traditional 12MP sensor, it may feature a 20MP sensor, which is nothing but a big jump. So far, it seems like the new flagship is going to be the most versatile action camera yet by GoPro. However, we would have to wait for its release to confirm all the speculations. 

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