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Review: AOC Gaming AG273QZ 27 in Quad HD LED Monitor

by FiveTech Team

As by the name, you must already know that the AOC AG273QZ is a gaming monitor that is jam-packed with advanced specs. The QHD Resolution given to the display means you can play games at the highest peak. Plus, the blistering-fast refresh rate of 240 Hz is a clear indication that you are going to have a blast.

For intense gamers, this monitor might be the righteous choice in all dimensions. You can be a programmer who loves games or a tech enthusiast who needs to install heavy software tools. With a good selection of features, sturdy build and good pairing of specs, AOC AG273QZ. If you haven’t yet used AOC monitors, this could be the one to give you the perfect start.

This AOC Gaming AG273QZ review shall undermine the specs, and detailed features of this monitor. If you are interested, continue to read on further.

Specs Table

Screen Size & Resolution 27 in, 2560 x 1440
Display Type LED
Response Time 0.5 ms
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Refresh Rate 240 Hz

Design Element & Build

Like most of the monitors, the AOC AG273QZ is also coated with matte black colour. From the front, you will notice it to be designed very simply. But the RGB lighting embedded in a circular shape at the rear side interests for dark lighting. Being a gamer, most of us like gaming with RGB designed desktop monitors, PCs, or laptops. So, the red default RGB light gives the real gaming feel. But you can also change colours according to your liking.

The size of the screen is kept decent at 27 inches, which is nice and big for playing games or watching videos. There is a long ergonomic stand included with the monitor, for adjustment. You can conveniently rotate, tilt, pivot and adjust the screen as per your suitability. You can rotate the display up to 90-degrees through the flexible stand. Although, the weight of the stand is heavy, but it is incredibly easy to move around with the top handle. You can separate the stand from the display and put it back again by just attaching it. It fixes naturally to the back by just tightening the screw on the base.

Ports & Connectivity

The maximum ports mean you are getting a modern connectivity from your system. Thankfully, the AOC AG273QZ has all the ports that are required often for everyday to advanced connections. You get two Display ports 1.4 and two HDMI 2.0 for connecting video peripherals. Most ports are connected at the rear side, along with the microphone, headphone and four USB downstream ports. This allows you to connect gaming consoles, projectors, and many other devices.


Interestingly enough, this AOC gaming monitor has also added a joystick which you will find beneath its logo. It allows you to control, rotate and move around the menus with its gesture control. It also has a red glow and can be plugged to the back of the monitor. The RGB light emitting from this circular device’s edges provides good vibes for creative routine.

Colours, Features & Specs Performance

A gaming monitor PC should always have a rock-solid hardware equipment, no matter what the price says. Gaming is vast, complex and takes heavy duty loading so it requires fast speeds.  Thanks to AOC, we get a Quad HD Resolution of 2560 x 1440 in this monitor with the refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. You can run blazing fast games on this monitor, without glitches or any slowdowns.

Another good news is that you can have manual preferences in your gaming sessions. You can choose your own gaming profiles and set it up with the OSD settings. Whether you need to change brightness, colour, contrasts or turn on the game mode with configurations. This monitor has all the options available for avid gamers.

The 27-inch screen has TN Panel which means you will have a little less comfort if you amend your viewing angles a lot. There is Free Sync Premium Pro technology used in the display to enhance colours and quality. But, there is no NVIDIA G Sync availability, instead you get VESA Display400. Overall, the display exhibits vivid, bright, and clear contrasts of colours. You will thoroughly enjoy binge-watching Netflix movies, YouTube videos or Amazon Prime seasons.

The super-smooth gaming is even more fun with blur-free motions. You can enjoy playing games without reluctancy and fastest intervals. Plus, the 1000:1 contrast ratio of the display gives perfect black and white colour contrasts on the display.


To be precise, the AOC AG273QZ 27-inch does not have any top-tier features. But, it successfully assembles its main specs to deliver a powerful performance. If you carefully look at every detail of this AOC monitor, it has all its focus on gaming. From the comprehensive on-screen menus to the sharp, crisp image and video quality you can enjoy the premium-ness. It has the serious gaming capacity, if you would like to view and play your games at 1440p.

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