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HP Chromebook 11A G8 11.6in Light Weight Laptop AMD – Review

by FiveTech Team

Chromebooks have become the favorite device ever of students, youngsters, and people who like to have a minimal laptop in their bag all the time. The Chromebook was initially designed to provide a compact form of a laptop to users for enhanced productivity. But, now with time, even on a lesser budget there is more productivity which can be seen in this Chromebook.

Since HP has started manufacturing Chromebooks, there is an exciting reaction from the audience, and many have been loving it. The HP Chromebook 11A comes with sturdy packaging, yet a small and compact build. For students, this Chromebook laptop might be perfect because it has undergone drop tests, so it wouldn’t be easier to damage. Also, there is a special keyboard attached to it which is included to prevent youngsters from pushing it apart. 

Our HP Chromebook 11A G8 review today will determine the specs and their real-life analysis, so if you are interested, keep on reading.

Specs Sheet

  • AMD A4 Processor – 1.60 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 16GB SSD
  • Chrome OS
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • 6-inch screen with 1366 x 768 Resolution


The screen of 11.6-inch makes it a smaller display, but with a good-quality panel. The Resolution to be seen on your display in this Chromebook comes with 768 pixels. Not bad for a Chromebook indeed. If you are fond of watching Full HD Resolution, this won’t be here but considering the overall ratio, it’s not bad at all. The sRGB color-gamut coverage lies around 45% that plays along with the anti-glare matte panel. You would not face any reflection issues or intense sunlight with its maximum brightness. HP provides a standard-viewing angle with this screen, but the wide-angle view technology is also included in this display.


HP Chromebook 11A is designed in a way that can attract most of the audience. The style is basic but has a classic look with a grey and black color combo and rounded edges. The metal reinforcement around the edges makes it a solid, sturdy piece so you can handle it without any worry or concern. The drop-test by 122cm demonstrated the fact that it is not easily affected even if you drop it accidentally. Additionally, it weighs around 1.3kg which makes it portable and easy to commute with.  


For better multitasking, RAM and SSD are always the important subordinates. Thankfully, this Chromebook includes 4GB RAM for a good flow of multitasking. The storage option is not more, where you get 16GB of storage, but the SSD choice makes it convenient for users. This laptop performs well in terms of basic tasks and average operations that need to be performed on an overall basis.

Operating System

Instead of the Windows 10 operating system, you get to see the Chrome OS. The Chrome OS works adequately for applications that it especially contains for user accessibility. This operating system tends to perform nicely for workflow; however, some users may find it difficult to use if they’re fonder of Windows.

Processor & GPU

Well, AMD is getting popular and more result-oriented with its productive outcome. This HP Chromebook has an AMD A4 processor that is built for low-end budgets and everyday basic tasks. You can surely browse through web pages, play videos, and run lower processing applications. Along with the AMD A4, the integrated graphic setting installed in this Chromebook has a good take for general surfing and YouTube videos. 


The battery capacity in the HP Chromebook can be a huge selling factor. HP makes sure to incorporate a long-lasting battery power in this Chromebook. With Wi-Fi on and usual tasks going on, the laptop is able to last longer than 13 hours. This is almost an all-day-long battery longevity, so you won’t realize plugging in the battery throughout your day.


The HP Chromebook 11A is most probably a laptop for rudimentary user types and those who have to spend in a minimal budget. In 259 pounds, you are getting a good deal with SSD storage and more than enough battery life. While most of the users do not need a fancy powerful laptop for themselves, they can opt for the HP Chromebook to enjoy and get regular use out of it. You can also buy this laptop at a further student discount despite its sale price on the Five Tech UK Store

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