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Cyber Monday Desktop Deals 2020 at Five Tech UK

by FiveTech Team
Cyber Monday Desktop Deals 2020 at FiveTech Uk

Just when we thought Black Friday Tech deals are soon going to be over, the Cyber Monday comes with an edge to get amazing deals. Desktop PCs are not always cheap, and most probably the top-notch PCs are never cheaper. So, Cyber Monday might be the best opportunity to grab your favourites whether or not you had this time decided. This is the only time you can seize your tech Wishlist at a good price and best Cyber Monday offers.

Whenever we think of buying a PC, the number 1 priority is getting everything that satisfies our desk requirement and task efficiency. While you may or may not be looking out for best deals, this Cyber Monday can be a perfect time to get your hands on Desktop PCs at Five Tech UK.

If you reside in UK, Five Tech is an online tech destination that provides the latest tech equipment with free delivery Nationwide. This Cyber Monday, you can avail the best discounts and offers on Five Tech without any additional shipping charges. Today, we have shortlisted our top-favourites among the best cyber Monday desktop deals.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 £649.99 / £498.96

  • Intel Core i5 Processor – 9th Gen, 2.90GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • Windows 10 Professional OS
  • 256GB SSD

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M720 is a core i5 PC that packs 9th Gen processor for starters to provide modern processing speed. This ThinkCentre Lenovo PC has everything a medium to average user demands with its solid-state drive storage and RAM. The 8GB RAM comes in excellent combination with the 256GB SSD storage for supporting more than usual multitasking.

You can get this PC in £498.96 on Five Tech UK, which will save you around £649.99. For students, there’s an extra discount offer exclusively as a student discount.

Lenovo V530S-07ICB SFF Desktop PC £369.99 / £279.96

  • Intel Core i3 8th Gen Processor – 3.60GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 128 GB HDD & 128GB SSD
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • Windows 10 Home OS

Whenever we think of a perfect basic computing PC, there are many options but only some are the best providers. The Lenovo V530S is one of those with Core i3 Intel processor and a speed of 3.60GHz, ready to ease your everyday task flow. This PC gives two storage options instead of one, which makes it efficient and unique among its rivals. You get the solid-state drive and HDD storage of both 128GB, which is amazing for files and programs along with 4GB RAM.

This PC stands at £279.96 whilst saving up to £90.03, only for its Cyber Monday deal 2020. This may be the right time to pick this up for yourself.

Lenovo Desktop PC V530S SFF £549.99 / £399.99

  • Intel Core i5 8th Gen processor – 2.80GHz
  • 9-inch
  • 256GB SSD, 256 GB HDD
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • Windows 10 Professional
  • 8GB RAM

The Lenovo Desktop PC V530S is a budget device that comes with the core i5 processor and Windows 10 professional. It lies above the averagely powered PCs and can run almost any kind of applications and programs on its system. In this PC, you will also get two storage options with 256GB SSD and 256GB HDD. So, it’s a deal break and also arms 8GB RAM with the excellent combo of storage.

The V530S was previously marketed at £549.99, and now on Cyber Monday 2020 you can get it in just £399.99.

Lenovo V530 Tower Desktop PC £499.99 / £379.99

  • Intel Core i3 8th Gen.  Processor – 3.60GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • 256GB SSD, 256 GB HDD
  • Integrated/On-Board Graphics
  • Windows 10 Professional OS

Ever heard of a basic-level PC performing tasks smoothly than ever? Well, the Lenovo V530 certifies as one of the best basic computing devices that you can get in low price. It features a core i3 processor with a speed of 3.60 GHz, so you do not get any lag or slowdown while performing above-average tasks. The RAM of 8GB goes very well with the additional storage facilities of 256GB SSD and 256GB HDD.

You can get this Tower Desktop PC in just £379.99 and save around £120.00 for amazing Cyber Monday discounts.

Apple iMac Pro MQ2Y2B £6,499.99 / £3,899.99

  • Intel Xeon Processor – 3.20GHz
  • 27 in
  • 32GB RAM
  • Dedicated Graphics

The Apple iMac Pro slays with impressive classic Apple design and a jam-packed set of features including Intel Xeon Processor. This PC revives strongly with an incredibly massive RAM of 32GB and combines with the solid-state drive storage of 1TB. The brilliant 5k screen fascinates every viewer with its approx. 500-nits brightness and full HD panel.

This PC has also incorporated stereo speakers, with excellent bass and high-quality sound. You will surely get immersive sounding experience in playing videos, soundtracks, and games. Instead of Integrated, you will find Dedicated graphics which is an ideal enclosure for mainstream graphics.

You get can this top-notch PC in £3,899.99 and save around almost £2,600. So, here’s a luxury Cyber Monday deal you shouldn’t miss.

Bottom Line

To get the best Cyber Monday deals 2020, you need to just visit the official Five Tech UK store. You can also purchase these Desktop PCs at 0% finance offer up to 4 months. Five Tech also has the extra warranty offer for its exclusive purchasers, so you can make it at right time to avail best offers.

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