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Best Tech Gifts for Christmas 2020 Under £50

by FTblog

This holiday season get into the Christmas spirit by gifting your loved ones cool and new tech gadgets. Usually, tech gadgets seem a bit pricey but have no fear when your tech Santa is here. Make list for Santa this Christmas by choosing your gifts at Five Tech UK. Here is the list for best Christmas gifts all under £50 so it does not get heavy on your wallet.


LENOVO TAB 4 SPEAKERSLenovo brings to you the best wireless speakers in a very affordable range. These speakers are voice-controlled and are also Alexa compatible. Get two 3w audio speakers for powerful clear audio. 3m voice detection gives you a free and easy feel. You don’t have to get up and come really close to the speakers to say something; just say it while you are in your bed or enjoying a beverage on your couch.

Make your tab a personal assistant wherever you are. Either you have to get instant information or set a reminder, this assistant has got your back. Now you will never forget the important dinner or your wife’s birthday. Just set a reminder in your personal assistant and you are good to go.

 It’s super cool and stylish which makes these speakers a must-have for everyone.




These stylish headphones come with a completely foldable wire with 3mm jack and a mic.

Get into your gaming zone with these headphones by listening to clear audio and making yourself heard. These HP H2800 headphones are super portable and easy to store. This headset gives you the power to control audio with its in-line volume control on the cable. The combination of bold bass, crisp treble and heavenly looks make this headphone an essential on your Christmas gifts list. Make sure to grab one this holiday season.





HP PAVILION 400 HEADSETHP gives you a unique gaming headset with a fresh sporty look. Enjoy the Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound with its selective monitoring technology. Get the complete feel of the game while you are on the road, shooting from a sniper gun, or just walking on dry leaves in a forest. It is equipped with 5.8 GHz wireless technology. Completely wireless and travel friendly which will make you want it even more. Get these for yourself or gift your friends this holiday season.




ASUS TUF GAMING HEADSETASUS TUF gaming headsets make sure that you are comfortable wearing them, even if you are wearing the whole day. The comfortable cushion also acts as a cooling agent, so you don’t get the sweaty ears. It is extremely lightweight and the airtight technology keeps the sound locked in so you can have the full audio experience like it was meant to be. Get the bombastic bass experience with crispy treble as well.

Blow your friend’s mind away with the cool look of these headsets. The 7.1 virtual surround sound technology gives you the cutting edge audio experience which you always wanted. This headset is compatible with PC as well as XBOX and PS4.



HP PAVILION 200 GAMING MOUSEThis gaming mouse is a must-have for all the first-person shooting game lovers. These crazy gamers know what its like to have a super-responsive mouse, while you are on a shooting expedition inside a game. It has a smooth sporty look which makes it cool as well as efficient. The cool contrast of colours gives it a futuristic look. HP PAVILION will complement your HP device perfectly. Don’t just think of it as a small little mouse because small things make big differences. This mouse should go right to your list for Santa this season.




MICROSOFT SURFACE TOUCH MOUSEMicrosoft brings to you Surface arc touch mouse. It is wireless. It is Bluetooth compatible. It is super responsive. What more would you want from a mouse? It works great with every device it is attached to. Plus, its smooth black colour makes it easy on the eyes. You will get a futuristic feel by just looking at it. It’s not only stylish but also super responsive, so you can be cool and productive at the same time. Tell Santa that you are not settling for anything less than a Microsoft arc touch mouse this Christmas.





They say diamonds are forever, but they also cost a fortune, whereas these gifts will only cost you less than £50. A true gamer knows the importance of these weapons, and a true gamer will appreciate these gifts. These are the must-have gifts which you need to put in your Christmas list this year. Don’t stay behind, stay on the budget and get these for yourself and your loved ones. All these are easily available at the tech guru website which is fivetech.co.uk.

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