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The new Google Web Standard that could disable your ad-blocker

by FTblog

Google is about to launch its new Web Standard that could cause difficulties for ad-blocker users. If the news is true, this is a dreadful step that could have serious implications on the transparency of the web and the privacy of millions of internet users.

The news was shared by Peter Snyder, who is the Senior Privacy Researcher at Brave Software. According to his blog post, the new Web Bundles standard that Google is planning to introduce could prevent the ad-blockers from interrupting website resources.

Unfortunately, all the efforts to prevent this issue have been in vain and Google is all set to introduce its new standard.

What are Google’s new Web Bundles?

The new Web Bundles standard which is purposed by Google is aimed at ensuring the integrity of a web page. This would be done by permitting a website to gather all the resources into a solitary package. This would allow websites to pack the resources into a single .wbn file.

Rather than remote servers, this new Web Bundles standard by Google would use the content delivery networks to serve the websites.

How the new Web Bundles could affect privacy?

The new Web Bundles would prevent researchers from interrogating and teasing out specific resources. On the other hand, it would constrain the capabilities of ad-blockers which could result in their ineffectiveness. This is a serious implication that according to the privacy researchers, is going to affect the security and privacy of the users.

These Web Bundles could permit malicious actors to break-in security measures and evade privacy in various ways. According to Snyder, privacy can be hacked by randomizing URLs for unwanted resources and concealing dangerous URLs within the .wbn file.

So what’s going to happen?

So far, Google has not issued any statement regarding this issue which is further intensifying the situation. However, the advocates of this new standard are claiming that it won’t affect users’ privacy measures in any new way. Still, the adversaries are of the view that the new Web Bundles are going to make privacy breach easier cheaper.

We hope we’ll soon hear from Google on this privacy issue that otherwise may affect web browsing and ad-blockers.

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