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The Galaxy Note 20 Beats Iphone 11 Pro Max in Latest Speed Test

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The Apple iPhone 11 Pro seems to be the showstopper in the latest smartphone technology marathon. But the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 might be over the edge with the latest speed analysis performed by tech experts. According to latest leaks, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 packs in every feature a common user demands, but the speed is the most bombastic revelation here. 

The Apple 11 Pro saves its game in the rivalry with android flagship phones having included the spectacular memory management and solid compact performance of A13 bionic in the iPhone 11 Max Pro. The software optimization in Apple iPhone 11 Max Pro is although a big help for it in achieving a good level of competition with major android flagship models. However lately Samsung Galaxy note 20 has stunned the audiences with its startling speed test. 

In the speed test conducted by a renown YouTube Channel, there were two speed tests that evaluated the time both smartphones consumed. In the first round, iPhone 11 Max stuttered only a few times, however winning it with a minor difference of 1.25 seconds. But the observation demonstrated that iPhone 11 Max Pro slows down with heavy applications running in the background. The second lap which was run with a different ballgame made the Apple iPhone 11 Pro lack a little behind. Owing to the only 4GB RAM that is equipped in the iPhone 11 Max pro, some of the demanding apps take time to load or regain. So, the iPhone 11 Max Pro is unable to keep running all the demanding apps behind in the background with the same speed. 

The second round in the speed test was clearly won by Samsung with a speed run of just 46 seconds while the iPhone 11 Max Pro took full 1 minute. So, it has come up with a surprise that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 completely thrashed iPhone 11 Max Pro in chief speed testing. However, the iPhone 12 is in the lineup of mega smartphones, so it may exceed the boundary to great levels.  

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