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Review: Lenovo IdeaPad 5 Laptop Ryzen 5-4500U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

by FiveTech Team

Lenovo Ideapad is a perfect mobile laptop that you can commute with every day, without having to think about it.  This 15-inch Notebook makes a solid portable laptop with some of the useful features for everyday work. From its large FHD display to a sufficient solid-state drive storage and AMD power, you will mostly enjoy an effortless daily computing.

In our Lenovo Ideapad 5 review, we have examined the key specifications and further features of this laptop. The battery timing is yet another selling factor of the Ideapad, regardless of the mediocre sRGB colour gamut coverage from the display. To call it a compact powerhouse, we must say it has adequate combination of specs, but the lacking display might want you to look out for another option.


Processor: AMD Ryzen 5

Display: 15.6 in, 1920 x 1280


Storage: 256 GB SSD

Graphics: Intel UHD GPU

Operating system: Windows 10 S


  • IPS matte panel
  • Good battery timing
  • Sufficient computing power
  • Two slots for SSD
  • USB C through display port
  • Elegant aluminium case


  • Average contrast ratio
  • Low sRGB colour gamut coverage
  • Thunderbolt absence


Lenovo laptops are mostly equipped with Intel processor chips, but lately with AMD inclusion there is a great variety that you can find. The Lenovo Ideapad 5 has included AMD Ryzen 5 processor with the Intel graphics chip. The RAM added into the laptop is more than sufficient for average operations along with the SSD storage. Thankfully enough, we also get an extra slot for solid-state drive storage so you can get through extensive files, programs, and docs.

Design, look and Build

The Lenovo Ideapad 5 is quite simple in its appearance, and you wouldn’t really find it to be uniquely appealing. The classic black surface is mostly covered in plastic and also aluminium inside the chassis. The outer material of the laptop feels softly textured to feel and touch when you are using the touchpad as well.

Weighing at 1.4kg, the Lenovo Ideapad 5 is portable and lightweight to easily move around. Taking lectures from different halls and auditorium, it is much more convenient. Even though, you mostly get plastic, but the Ideapad feels more expensive than it actually already is. You will find an ergonomically supported hinge that allows the laptop to bend flexibly around your desk.

Performance and Hardware Selection

The performance of this Ideapad turned out to be exactly what most of us already expected. Its AMD model comes right on to the benchmark scores. The AMD Ryzen 5 processor equipped in the laptop boasts the base speed of 2.3 GHz. Whereas, the maximum turbo speed is around 4.0 GHz, making heavy-duty activities a lot speedier. The RAM installed comes in a sufficient capacity of 8GB and makes up a solid combo with 256GB SSD. If you need a hefty bit of storage for everyday use, there is, in fact a dual channel for keeping an extra SSD.

The graphic setting included is not any dedicated or discrete GPU but the Intel Ultra HD. This makes it suitable to watch HD, full HD and somewhat 4k videos but you cannot expect the visuals to be incredible. For gamers and multimedia individuals, there are better options with dedicated graphics support. Also, the Windows 10S operating system installed in this laptop deals efficiently for overall tasks management.


The 15.6-inch screen of the Lenovo Ideapad 3 has a matte IPS panel which is great for comfortable viewing angles. The maximum brightness offered by the display is around 314 cd/m2 but you get a relatively lower contrast ratio of 785:1. The two side bezels of the display are relatively thinner making it appear wider for viewing experience. However, the upper and lower bezels are slightly thicker covering the webcam and essential buttons for the setting. If you are more demanding in terms of colour contrast, you might be a little disappointed with the display quality.

Keyboard, Ports, Speakers, and Extras

The keyboard included in the Lenovo Ideapad 5 comes with a standard design and decent key travel distance. The short-stroke keys are softer to touch and quieter to type on with their mushy touch. The white backlighting of the keyboard has perfect LED situation with the averagely sized plastic ClickPad.

Coming on to the connectivity options, you get a lot of variety in its ports for extra peripherals. These include USB Type A, HDMI port, USB Type C, and an SD card reader. Additionally, there are no heating issues found in the laptop even when it is running with heavy processing. The audio quality of the laptop is dependable on its stereo speakers attached through the grills around the keyboard.

Battery Runtime

The battery timing of the Lenovo Ideapad 5 is great for office hour timings and daily work routine. The 57 Wh battery power integrated in it makes it last a considerable while longer. Usually, with Wi-Fi surfing or editing, you will be able to extract an almost 7 to 8 hours of battery. With video playback or 4k Netflix videos, the laptop lasts a good hour timing of 5 to 6 hours.


The Lenovo Ideapad 5 is a fair deal in the price value it offers, but the screen feels a little deceiving. However, all the other specs performance and features compensates well if you can easily compromise the 53% sRGB. This 15-inch ultraportable Ideapad is good for the work on the go and has some real decent features. From its AMD power to extra storage slots and durable battery, you can enjoy the laptop with a below-average screen.

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