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Review: HP Pavilion 590-p0063na Desktop PC Intel Core i5

by FiveTech Team

You have not experienced full fledge power-packed computing, until you have used a great desktop computer. With the portability factor taken out of the equation, a desktop computer proves to be the best option, for your computing and hardcore gaming. We will be reviewing a best desktop computer for you guys. So, stick around. 

HP Pavilion 590-p0063na Review

Hp Pavilion 590 is one of the best and powerful gaming desktop PCs, you will ever come across. The specs of this desktop computer will surely leave you mesmerised. It is powered by 9th generation Intel Core i5 and 2.90GHz processor. It gives you the memory of 8GB RAM. The huge storage space gives you freedom to store all the apps, games, software, and movies, without having to worry about the space running out. The system is smooth and powerful, which does not get slow, even while you multitask or perform heavy and demanding operations. 


This desktop PC has the graphics support of Intel UHD Graphics 360. It lets you stream the high quality 4K videos with ease. You can play your high-end and high graphics games on this computer, with ease. It provides you great graphics support without the need of dedicated graphics. Your other demanding tasks like 3D modelling and multimedia editing or development, can also be done on this computer like a breeze. The fast paced E sport games or open world games like Spider Man and God of War, can be played on this computer in a carefree manner, without facing a single lag or slowing down of the system. 

Wireless Connections

This desktop computer is equipped with the ability to provide you, carefree and strong wireless connections. WLAN 802.11 a/c (2×2) lets you connect with the world of internet wirelessly through Wi-Fi. The connection is fairly strong and does not get interrupted, by the weak or spotty signals. It also has Bluetooth 4.2, which lets you connect your Bluetooth compatible devices, with this desktop computer. It gives you the freedom to connect your wireless peripherals and enjoy the gaming experience, larger than life. Connect your wireless gaming headset, mice, or keyboard and let the games begin. 

Plenty of Ports

The connectivity options of this desktop computer are amazing. It has a plethora of ports for you to connect your devices. There are USB Type-C and Type-A, 3.1 and 2.0 ports, so you can connect your devices and transfer data, at a lightning-fast speed. You can also manage the power of your android or handheld devices with this. In addition to this, it has DVI and HDMI ports, to let you connect your favourite video outputs, and stream 4K videos as you please. 

Re-Writable DVD Drive

Pavilion 590 has the mighty re-writable DVD drive which lets you play and write DVDs. You can write your data on a DVD to store it more safely. But if you are done with a DVD once, then no problem, as it is re-writable you can burn a DVD more than once. This lets you clear some space in your hard drive and store your data, in a secure fashion. 

Solid Design

The body of this laptop is quite durable and solid. With a simple yet bold look, it surely styles-up your table in the office or at home. The brushed texture with a metallic finish gives it a classy touch. It has wide vents on the side to dissipate heat much more accurately and quickly, so you don’t get to face any interruptions. 

Bottom Line

From this review we got to know that it is quite a remarkable desktop computer PC, which gives you power-packed performance in a durable and strong body. It has got all the things you need out of your desktop. It is a perfect fit for all your tasks whether, gaming, streaming, working, or just casual computing. So, make-up your mind and get HP Pavilion 590, or go to fivetech.co.uk and choose from a wide range of gaming desktop PCs

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